Gummy Bears: The Best Post-Workout Supplement

Is it Good to Eat Gummy Bears Before a Workout?

Yes, eating gummy bears before a workout is a great way to get easily digestible sugars into your body as quick as possible. Eating candy before a workout is tried and tested method. Eating gummy bears before a workout doesn’t affect your diet as it is burned off right away. You must also be eating a clean and healthy diet alongside this fitness strategy. 

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Gummy Bear Post-Workout?

Dr Jim Stoppani suggests that you should eat gummy bears immediately after your workout. This is to help the fast-digesting carbs hit your bloodstream immediately. Opting for sugar in the form of glucose right after your workout means your body doesn’t need to break anything down, making it a faster way to provide your muscles with some fast carbs. Bodybuilders do this to refill the muscle glycogen burned during your workout. Some people question whether you burn up enough glycogen in weight focused work outs to make this worthwhile. 

What Are the Benefits of Eating Gummy Bears Post-Workout?

The benefits of eating gummy bears post-workout are restoring sugar quickly to your body to help repair muscles. The glucose breakdown from the glycogen chain is required to generate ATP which transports energy and is a crucial component in muscle contractions. The benefits of gummy bears are the high-glycemic carbs. High-glycemic carbs such as gummy bears are the best possible way to refuel your glycogen levels. 

How Many Gummy Bears Should You Eat After Workout?

After a workout, you should eat a handful of gummy bears, or a small packet in order to gain the most benefits. You should consume 30g-60g post-workout alongside a source of protein. 

Won’t Eat Sweets Lead to Fat Gain?

No, eating sweets after a workout won’t lead to fat gain as long as take it into consideration with the rest of your dietary routine. You must always keep a healthy nutritionally balanced diet, and only eat the recommended 30-60g of gummy bears before or after a workout. Overuse of sweets will lead to fat and weight gain. 

How many carbohydrates Should You Consume After Training?

After training, you should eat around 3-12 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight as part of your daily nutrition.  The dietary guidelines for Americans recommend that carbohydrates should provide 45-65% of your daily calorie intake. If you are training in order to lose weight then it is advised that you cut down your carb intake to 50-150 grams per day. 

Do Gummy Bears Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, gummy bears can help you lose weight by using the gummy bear cleanse diet. This weight loss diet is dependent on the laxative effects that sugar-free gummy bears can have on people’s digestive systems. Sugar-free gummy bears are sweetened with maltitol, and many people find that their bodies are sensitive to this causing gastrointestinal problems. Gummy bears are also known to make you feel less hungry throughout the day due to their protein content. 

Should Gummy Bears be Consumed After or Before the Workout?

Both, you can consume gummy bears both before and after a workout. Haribo is the best gummy bear to eat before a workout because of the fast-acting carbs. The ingredients for Haribo are glucose syrup, sugar, gelatine and dextrose among others. The glucose syrup and dextrose are what make Haribo the best gummy bear for a workout. The best candies to eat after a workout are sour patch kids or something similar. This is to provide you with the energy replenishment that your body is craving right after an intense workout. The ingredients of Sour Patch Kids which makes them beneficial for post-workout are corn syrup. 

Can Gummy Bears Replace Post-Workout Supplements?

No, gummy bears cannot replace post-workout supplements. The best post-workout supplements are whey or protein powder/ supplements. Gummy bears are best suited as an added element to your already existing post-workout routine. If you are unsure always consult a fitness professional or a nutritionist.  

What are the best types of Gummy Bears to Consume After Workouts?

The types of gummy bears to consume post-workout are traditionally gummy bears, sour gummy bears and CBD gummy bears. 

  • Traditionally gummy bears provide you with extra sugar to give you an energy boost right after your workout. 
  • Sour gummy bears work like traditional gummies but with added flavour and sugar for the sour effect. 
  • CBD gummies could be useful for post-workout as CBD can help to relieve delayed muscle soreness and exercise-induced damage to muscles. 

What are the Beneficial Ingredients of Gummy Bears for Post-Workouts?

The beneficial ingredients of gummy bears for after your workout are, glucose, corn syrup and dextrose. The nutritional value of gummy bears is 87 calories and 7% carbohydrates per 22g of gummy bears. Post-workout you should consume 0.5 grams of carbs within 30 minutes of your workout. 

Should Gummy Bears be Consumed with Protein Powder?

Yes, gummy bears can be consumed with protein powder. For the best post-workout results, it is recommended that you pair gummy bears with quality protein sources such as whey powder, chicken, fish, beans or tofu. 

Why Should You Include Sugar in the Post-Workout Diet?

You should include sugar in your post-workout diet because you need to replenish glycogen stores effectively in order to refuel energy. Sugar helps to refuel your muscles. 

Can Bodybuilders Consume Gummy Bears After Workouts?

Yes, bodybuilders can consume gummy bears after a workout in order to replenish their muscle energy. If taken at the appropriate time, sugar can help with muscle growth in the bodybuilding process. 

Do Gummy Bears Contribute to Muscle Growth?

It is possible that gummy bears can contribute to muscle growth as long as they are included as part of your fitness routine. Gummy bears can help with muscle growth if taken after your workout.