Can the Gummy Bear Diet Help You Lose Weight?

What is Gummy Bear Diet?

A gummy bear diet is designed to cause loose bowel movements by eating typically around 15-20 individual gummy bears. This diet is not recommended by health professionals. The gummy bear diet is fairly severe on your body and we do not recommend trying it on the go. The benefit of following the gummy bear diet is losing weight. 

How to follow the gummy bear diet: 

  1. Find sugar-free gummy bears that contain maltitol. 
  2. Take 15-20 a day. 
  3. Wait for the laxative effect in the comfort of your own home. 

How the Gummy Bear Diet Works

The gummy bear diet works by using two key elements of the gummy bear and how it interacts with the body. Gummy bears have appetite suppressing qualities, and sugar-free gummy bears contain sugar alcohols which often don’t agree with peoples tummies. Eating sugar-free gummy bears will stop you from feeling hungry and provide you with rapid weight loss by emptying your bowels. 

Is the Gummy Bear Diet Effective?

The gummy bear diet is not very effective in helping you lose weight. It is unlikely to slim you down and some people experience bloating because of the side effects of maltitol. What you may experience is an empty stomach and loss of water which can make you appear to have lost weight. It is better to eat a balanced diet and do plenty of exercises. 

Are Gummy Bears a Healthy Snack?

No, gummy bears are not a healthy snack. They have no healthy complex carbohydrates and contain lots of sugar. 

How Many Gummy Bears should You Eat for Diet?

You should eat 15-20 gummy bears a day if you are following the gummy bear diet. This is to have the correct amount of maltitol in your diet to create the desired laxative effect. 

What are the Nutritional Values of Gummy Bears?

  • Carbs: 28gs
  • Fats: 0g
  • Sugar Alcohols:18g
  • Calories: 70 kCal

What are the Benefits of the Gummy Bear Diet?

The gummy bear diet does nothing to help you shed weight. This diet is beneficial if you need to create an urgent bowel movement. It doesn’t make you lose fat but rather water weight. 

Should You Eat Sugar-Free Gummy Bear for Weight Loss?

No, you shouldn’t eat sugar-free gummy bears for weight loss. This diet causes you to lose water rather than unwanted body fat. 

What is the Effect of Gummy Bears on Workout?

The effect gummy bears have on your body after a workout is that it helps to provide sugar to your muscles. After you have completed your workout, your body needs a quick sugar fix and sugary gummy bears can do this quickly and effectively. It doesn’t make you gain weight as you rapidly use the sugar to repair your muscles. 

Can CBD Gummy Bears Help You Lose Weight?

CBD gummies are gummy bears that contain CBD oil infused or coated on them. The fruit taste help to make the earthy taste of hemp. Yes, CBD gummies can help you lose weight as they curb food cravings.

What are the Best Gummies for Weight Loss?

The best gummy bears for weight loss are: 

  • ZenBears CBD gummy bears. 
  • Skinny Piggies 
  • Boost apple cider vinegar gummies

Do Diet Gummy Bears Cause Diarrhea?

Yes, diet gummies containing sugar alcohols do cause diarrhoea. Diet gummies which are specifically designed for curbing appetites and that are free from sugar alcohol are unlikely to cause you diarrhoea. 

Do Diet Gummy Bears Cause Laxative?

Yes, a sugar-free diet does cause a laxative effect. The maltitol causes an allergic reaction or intolerance in the digestive system. 

Is Gummy Bear Diet Considered a Low Fiber Diet?

Gummy bear diets contain 3g of fibre per 2 gummy bears. The gummy bear’s diet has a similar effect as a high-fibre diet would on your gut. However, it wouldn’t be considered a high-fibre diet. 

Can Gummy Bears be Used for Liquid Diet?

No gummy bears cannot be used for a liquid diet. If you are working on a liquid diet then you cannot have any solid foods, even gummy bears. If you can chew it then you can’t have it.