ZenBear CBD gummies are now available in Voyager stores across Scotland!

ZenBears CBD gummies were founded in 2020, aiming to give CBD users a product which is an easy, fun & tasty way to consume CBD. As many people can be put off by the earthy taste of hemp, ZenBears brings all the benefits of cannabidiol but with a burst of flavour. 

Where Can I Find A Voyager Store? 

Voyager CBD shops in Edinburgh, Dundee and St. Andrews all stock our little bears. If you need information about gummies or CBD in general while in the store, all Voyager employees can help you navigate your CBD journey. 

The St. Andrews CBD shop is located on market street and is the original Voyager store. Not only can you find ZenBears in-store, but they also offer specialised coffee with a free pipette of CBD in every cup. 

What’s Different About ZenBears CBD gummies? 

Our little bears are pharmaceutically coated with 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD and made with pectin so they are completely vegan friendly. Pharmaceutically coating our gummies means you still get access to the sublingual benefits of CBD, just like when using an oil. We recommend taking 1-2 CBD gummies a day and sucking on them for about 30 seconds to get the most from the CBD.


More about Broad-spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD refers to when a CBD product contains various compounds and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. However, typically broad-spectrum products do not contain THC but you might find a trace amount on some lab reports. 

Voyager offers a similar product to ZenBears but is made with CBD isolate which only contains CBD and is completely THC free. If you are concerned about using CBD products with additional cannabinoids, CBD isolate products might be the way to go. 

Why We Love CBD Gummies

We love CBD gummies because they make taking CBD easy and enjoyable. CBD keeps your body in balance and adding it to gummy bears makes self-care convenient. We are excited to be working with Voyager to help spread the word about CBD and promote health and wellness all over the UK.