Will CBD gummies get me high?


CBD gummies are great way to get the benefits of CBD, but we’re often asked the same question: can CBD gummies get you high? In this article, we’ll explain what CBD is, why CBD gummies won’t get you high, and what does get you high.

The cannabis connection

Lots of the misconceptions and misunderstanding around CBD come from its connection to cannabis. Most people are aware that the two are somehow related, but some people assume that this means CBD will get you high, like cannabis does. Let’s clear that up!

What is CBD? 

First things first… Before we talk about what CBD is, let’s clarify where it comes from. 

CBD products are made from the oil of the hemp plant

The cannabis you smoke is made from the marijuana plant

Both the hemp plant and the marijuana plant are members of the cannabis plant family

The fact that the plant family and the recreational drug share the same name can cause some confusion, but here’s why hemp products (e.g. CBD gummies) and marijuana products (e.g. the cannabis drug) are not quite the same thing. 

Both the hemp plant and the marijuana plant contain hundreds of chemical compounds. These include fatty acids, vitamins, and cannabinoids, like cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as CBD and THC. 



THC is the substance responsible for the high feeling you get when you smoke cannabis, otherwise known as a psychoactive. CBD is a cannabinoid, just like THC, but it’s not a psychoactive. It doesn’t get you high like THC does.

The marijuana plant is high in THC, so of course, smoking cannabis — a marijuana-derived product — will get you stoned. 

The hemp plant is naturally lower in THC, so you won’t get the same high from hemp-derived products like CBD gummies. And because CBD isn’t a psychoactive, that won’t get you high either. 

thc cbd formula

But don’t some CBD gummies contain THC? 

Yes, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get you high.

To make CBD gummies, you’d extract the oil from the hemp plant. Then, depending on the type of gummies you wanted, you could: 

  • • Use the entire oil, including CBD and THC, to make full-spectrum CBD gummies. 
  • • Remove the THC to make broad-spectrum gummies. 
  • • Extract just the CBD and use it to make CBD isolate, or pure CBD, gummies. 

It’s true that full-spectrum CBD gummies contain THC, too. However, there are very strict legal limits on how much THC such a product can contain in the UK. Whether you’re buying CBD oil, CBD gummies, or a topical CBD cream, the container must have less than 1mg in total – nowhere near enough THC to get you high. 

In some countries, you can buy high-THC gummies. These are made by extracting THC from the oil and infusing it into the gummy sweets, in the same way you’d make CBD gummies. 

THC gummies would get you high – if they contained enough THC. However, because of the very low legal limits on the amount of THC a product can contain in the UK, you wouldn’t be able to buy a product here that contained enough THC to have a psychoactive effect. 

THC or THC-free?


Even though CBD gummies don’t contain enough THC to get you high, you might decide you want to avoid THC altogether. Perhaps you get drug-tested at work, or you have personal or religious reasons why you can’t consume it. 

In that case, you’ll want to choose CBD gummies made with a CBD isolate, or broad-spectrum CBD gummies, like ZenBears

If you choose a broad-spectrum product, you’ll benefit from what’s known as the entourage effect. Remember all of those cannabinoids, fatty acids, vitamins and other goodies in the hemp plant? It’s believed that when you take them all together, they amplify each other to create benefits that are bigger than the sum of their parts. By choosing a broad-spectrum CBD product, you can still enjoy the entourage effect without having to consume THC. 

broad spectrum zenbears jar

A word of warning…

Just because a brand claims to be THC-free, doesn’t mean that’s the case! Some products have been tested and found to contain THC, even though they advertise the opposite. In fact, some were found to contain illegal levels, as well as enough ethanol to be considered an alcoholic drink!

The only way to avoid this is to buy your CBD gummies from a brand that publishes independent, third-party lab reports. These reports will verify the THC content and the CBD content, and they’ll also reassure you that your gummies don’t contain any hidden nasties like pesticides, mould or heavy metals. If they don’t share the report with you, assume they’re hiding something and avoid, avoid, avoid!

ZenBears CBD gummies are pharmaceutically coated with broad-spectrum CBD, giving you all the goodness of the entourage effect, with none of the THC. And when you buy a pack of ZenBears, you get the lab report for your specific batch to prove it! Find out more here.