The A to Z of Gummy Bears

What are Gummy Bears Made of?

Traditionally, gummy bears are made using glucose syrup, sugar, starch, flavourings, food colouring, citric acid and gelatin. As recipes can vary there are many different ingredient options. Such as those suitable for vegetarians or vegan gummy bears. Some people have created vodka gummy bears or even champagne gummy bears.  As gummies are a customisable treat there are many different ingredients that can be added.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is a translucent, colourless, flavourless food ingredient derived from animal-based collagen (usually from cows or pigs). As versatile ingredients gelatin can be found in many products such as marshmallows, cakes, ice cream, or often in vitamin supplements. Usually, this is what is used to make a gummy bear.  

Who Invented the Gummy Bear?

Hans Riegel invented gummy bears. In 1920 Hans Riegel invented the gummy candies and started Haribo which remains the world’s top gummy candy maker. The first of Riegels gummy candies were the bear we are so familiar with. Riegel was born in 1923 and owned and operated the confectioner Haribo until 1946. He died in 2013 with a net worth of  $2.9B. So, the history of Gummy Bears has begun with Hans Riegel.

Why are They Called Gummy Bears?

The name gummy bear comes from the trained bears Hans Riegel saw at street festivals. Gummy bears, being Hans Riegel’s first gummy invention, were inspired by trained bears you could find around European street festivals. The first base ingredient was gum arabic which is how we arrived at the name gummy bears. 

Is it Gummy Bear or Gummi Bear?

When referring to Haribo the correct spelling is in fact “Gummi bear” from the german Gummibär meaning rubber bear or Gummibarchen meaning little rubber bear. When you spell it “gummy bear” it is referencing a bear with a gummy grin. 

What Do Gummy Bears Taste Like?

Gummy candies come in all forms and flavours, but most commonly in the United States, they are available in five different flavours. The traditional Haribo gummy bear flavours are raspberry, orange, strawberry, pineapple, and lemon. But many variations can be found from sour gummy bears to alcoholic gummy bears. 

What is the Best Way to Eat Gummy Bears?

The best way to eat gummy bears depends on how you like to eat them. The question is do you chew gummy bears or do you suck them? It depends on how you like to eat your gummy bears. Some people like to bite the heads of their gummy bears first because they feel too guilty to eat them whole. 

Facts About Gummy Bears

  1. The word “gummy” comes from what gummy bears were originally made from The thickening ingredient is gum arabic. 
  2. The green Haribo is actually strawberry flavoured. 
  3. There was a Disney Tv show called “Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears” which aired between 1985 and 1991. 
  4. The biggest gummy bear in existence weighs 26 pounds and contains 32,000 calories. 
  5. The British prefer Jelly Babies over gummy bears. These candies are slightly firmer and less rubbery than gummy bears. 
  6. You can make alcoholic gummy bears using vodka or even champagne. 
  7. Gummy bears were inspired by the dancing trained bears of 1920s Europe. 
  8. The US has fewer flavoured gummy bears from Haribo than in Europe. 
  9. People make art and jewellery out of gummy bears. 

What are the Health Benefits of Gummy Bears?

The health benefits of gummy bears are listed below:

  • Gummy bears help to curb your appetite or reduce your sugar cravings, particularly if you are snacking on sugar-free gummy bears and working on a low-carb diet. 
  • Gummies with collagen and vitamin C might help to reduce achy joints.
  • As collagen is used to make gummies, while you enjoy a small tasty treat you are helping to strengthen your hair, skin, nails and teeth. 
  • Gummy bears can’t be considered a healthy snack but there are potentially some benefits to snacking on these rather than other sweets. 

Are Gummy Bears Good for After Workout?

Gummy bears are perfect for after a workout. A healthy diet is the best option for someone who enjoys a good workout however, as it turns out keeping gummy bears handy for after your workout might be a surprising health trick. When you exercise your muscles they experience small muscular tears which are repaired after exercise. To repair your body needs energy. The end of your workout isn’t the end of your energy exertion, which is why having some gummy bears can come in handy as a form of high glycemic carbs. The quick burst of sugar starts to replenish the energy which has been lost if paired with the appropriate post-workout protein to aid recovery. So actually it is good to eat gummy bears after a workout. 

Can Pets Eat Gummy Bears?

No pets should not eat gummy bears. Sugar-free gummy bears are particularly dangerous for dogs. If there is any possibility that they contained xylitol you should be concerned. Xylitol has some major toxic effects on dogs, it can cause severe hypoglycemia and cause direct damage to the liver. Both these effects can be deadly to your doggy, if you have any feeling that your dog has eaten a gummy bear or any other gummy sweet contact your vet for help immediately. 

What is a Vegan Gummy Bear?

A vegan gummy bear is made with a plant-based alternative to gelatine. As most gummy bears are made with gelatin there aren’t vegetarian or vegan. However, if a gummy bear is made using pectin rather than gelatin then it fits with your vegan diet. Just make sure to check if beeswax is included in the list of ingredients as bee products are not considered vegan. A vegan gummy bear will be free from gelatin and bee wax or any animal-derived ingredients. 

What is Vegan Gummy Bears Made of?

Often shop-bought vegan gummy bears are made with pectin as a gelatine substitute, but it is also possible to make your vegan gummies using agar-agar powder. 

What are the Benefits of Vegan Gummy Bears?

There are a few health benefits of vegan gummy bears. Vegan gummy bears are gelatine-free gummy bears, usually made with pectin. Pectin-based gummy bears have added health benefits: 

  • Pectin can be used to help with high cholesterol
  • It may promote gut health. 
  • It may aid heart health. 
  • Pectin is also used for diabetes 

What are the Vitamins in Vegan Gummy Bears?

Vitamins B12, Iodine and D2 can often be found in vegan gummy bears as these are essential vitamins, especially for vegans. 

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are edible candies containing cannabidiol (CBD) oil. CBD is a natural compound found and produced in the trichomes of cannabis flowers. CBD gummy bears are made using sugar, flavouring and either gelatine or pectin. CBD is added after the primary ingredients are mixed and starting to harden, this is to preserve the quality of the CBD oil. 

What is the Difference Between CBD Gummy Bears and Common Candies?

  • CBD gummy bears are edible candies that contain hemp oil with high concentrations of CBD.
  • Common gummies are a broad category of gelatine-based, chewy candies.

CBD gummies are similar to common gummies with all the added benefits of taking CBD oil but with better flavour and easier dosage.

Benefits of CBD Gummy Bears?

  • Using CBD gummy bears is an easier and more convenient way to manage your CBD dosage. 
  • As the flavour of hemp isn’t for everyone it can often turn people off CBD products. Gummy bears mask the taste of hemp but still give you all the benefits of CBD. 
  • CBD gummies don’t give you a “high”, meaning you can go about your day-to-day activities without THC affecting your cognitive performance. 
  • Eating CBD gummies gives you a longer-lasting effect as it has to be fully digested before it reaches your bloodstream. 

How Much Should You Eat CBD Gummy Bears?

If you are new to using CBD it is best to start low and slow. We suggest 10mg of CBD (half a ZenBear). The key thing is to give time for the CBD to take effect and monitor how your body reacts. Dosage will be different depending on age, steadily increase your dosage until you find what is most comfortable for you. Typically this can be around 10-40mg of CBD. 

CBD gummy bears are perfectly legal as long as they are made from hemp and have a maximum of 0.2% THC. Always check the third-party lab reports before purchasing CBD products to ensure they are adhering to the legal requirements. 

Is it Possible to Make Gummy bears at Home?

Yes! You can make your gummy bears at home as long as you have the key ingredients and a cute bear mould to have great results. You can make your gummy bears by combining gelatin-infused water with sugar and your flavouring of choice heated together. When the mixture is ready to cool, pour it into your bear moulds and allow it to set in the refrigerator. After 20 minutes they should be ready to pop out and try. 

What are the most popular gummy bear brads?

  • Haribo Gold bears

Haribo’s gummy bears are an iconic choice for gummy bears as they are the original and leading brand of gummy bears. 

  • Black Forest Gummy Bears

Black Forest bears are an American brand that makes fruit juice gummy snacks in a variety of shapes and flavours and is derived from natural sources. 

  • Albanese gummy bears

Albanese gummy bears are intense in flavour, soft, Fat and gluten-free. 

What is the Difference Between Vegan Gummy Bear and Common Candies?

Vegan Gummy Bears don’t contain products derived from animals. They will contain other ingredients such as pectin or agar. Vegan gummy bears are a more diverse option as they are also accessible to vegetarians, or people seeking Hala products.