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Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe

Learn how to make chocolate covered gummy bears

This is a step by step guide on how to make Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. Chocolate covered gummy bears are a combination of milk chocolate and your classic gelatine bear candy. Almost like chewy chocolate covered strawberries. 

How Long Does It Take to Prepare a Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear?

It takes 25 minutes in total to make chocolate-covered gummy bears. This includes preparation time, cooking, and chilling time for the gummies once they have been covered in chocolate. If you choose to melt your chocolate using a bain-marie it will add extra time. However, for this recipe, we recommend using the microwave. 

How Many Servings Is a Recipe of Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear?

This recipe makes four servings of chocolate gummy bears which is enough for four people to enjoy. To increase the number of servings, double the number of ingredients used in the recipe.

What are the Ingredients of Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears?

To make chocolate-covered gummy bears you only need a few ingredients: 

  • 24-ounces of chocolate bark or chocolate chips
  • 4-ounces of large gummy bears

How Healthy are the Main Ingredients of Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears?

Chocolate covered gummy bears are a fairly unhealthy snack. As chocolate chips are made using milk, they do have some calcium but not enough to consider it a health benefit. Gummy bears have some health benefits such as helping with the growth of nails and hair. Chocolate contains 535 calories and 52g of sugar per 100g. For 22g of gummy bears, they contain 87 calories and 13gs of sugar. 

What are the Preparation Steps of Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears?

There aren’t many steps to making chocolate-covered gummy bears, but here is a breakdown of how to make your own at home. 

  1. Firstly, melt the 24-ounces of chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave for 1 minute on high heat. If the chocolate is not completely melted, return the chocolate to the microwave for 10 more seconds until the chocolate is fully melted. Making sure to be careful not to let the chocolate burn. 
  2. Using a piece of waxed paper or cooking parchment, lay it on a flat clean surface and spray with non-stick cooking spray.
  3. Place gummy bears, 3 or 4 at a time in melted chocolate so they are completely covered. Turn them gently to ensure they are fully coated in chocolate. 
  4. Using a spoon, gently place the bear on the parchment paper. 
  5. Now it is time to let the chocolate-covered gummy bears cool, this can be done in the fridge or on the side where they have been coated. Let them rest for around 10-15 minutes and then they will be ready to serve. 

What Are the Techniques Used for Recipe of Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear?

As this is an unskilled culinary project there are only a few techniques necessary to make chocolate-covered gummy bears. 

  • Melting chocolate in the microwave, or over a bain-marie. 
  • Coating the gummy bears in chocolate 
  • Refrigerating the end product

What is the equipment Required to Make a Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear?

All you need for this recipe is: 

  • A microwave-safe bowl 
  • A microwave
  • A large piece of baking parchment
  • A spoon or fork
  • A fridge

What are the Tips for Making Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears?

The tips for making chocolate-covered gummy bears are, to use a strong large gummy bear as some gummy bears will melt with the heat of the melted chocolate. Another tip for making chocolate-covered gummy bears is to keep an eye on the microwaved chocolate as this can easily burn and turn bitter. Make sure to eat the gummy bears as soon as possible after they have been made in order to keep them at maximum freshness. 

Is It Easy to Make a Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear?

Chocolate covered gummy bears are easy to make. Making chocolate-covered gummy bears requires no previous culinary experience. You do not need to even have a full kitchen to make these snacks. 

Is Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear Suitable for Children?

As these chocolate-covered gummy bears contain a lot of sugar, they are not recommended for young children as they may affect the health of their teeth. Gummy bears are also not recommended for children under the age of four as this is a potential choking hazard. 

What Does Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear Taste Like?

Chocolate covered gummy bears taste very similar to chocolate-covered strawberries but much sweeter and chewier. The chocolate added a milder sweetness to the sharp sweetness of the gummy bears. 

Which Flavors Are Compatible With Gummy Bears Ice Cream?

Chocolate flavours pair well with gummy bear ice cream. Chocolate gummy bear ice cream or vanilla gummy bear ice cream with chocolate syrup would pair well with each other. 

What are the Other Recipes Like Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears?

Other recipes like chocolate-covered gummy bears are:

  • Gummy bear bark
  • Chocolate covered cinnamon bears
  • Chocolate-covered sour patch kids

What are the Differences Between Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear and Dark Chocolate Covered Gummy Bear?

The difference between chocolate and dark chocolate gummy bears is the type of chocolate used. The first option of chocolate-covered gummy bear is made using milk chocolate and the other is made using dark chocolate.

To make dark chocolate-covered gummy bears the ingredients are the same except you use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. You will need 24-ounces of dark chocolate bark or dark chocolate chips, and 4-ounces of large gummy bears. Dark chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals which usually contains less sugar. The steps are the same as before. 

  • Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave.
  • Pour over the gummy bears.
  • Refrigerate and allow to set completely.

Where to Buy Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

You can buy chocolate-covered gummy bears from a variety of online stores. These stores are:

  • Candy Warehouse
  • Mrs Cavanaugh’s chocolates and ices cream
  • Albanese candy 
  • Amazon 

Does ZenBears produce Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears?

No ZenBears do not produce chocolate-covered gummy bears. 

Can I Cover ZenBears CBD Gummy Bears with Chocolate?

Yes, it is possible to cover your ZenBears CBD gummies with chocolate. However, we would strongly advise that you don’t like it could affect the integrity and the effectiveness of the CBD coating on the gummy bears. 

Can I use Cinnamon for Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe?

Yes, you can use cinnamon for chocolate-covered gummy bears. Cinnamon gummy bears coated with chocolate is a popular choice.