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What are the ZenBears Merchandise Products?

ZenBears have a wide selection of merchandise products which includes tote bags, badges hats and more. The different types of ZenBears merchandise will be listed below.

  1. Embroidered ZenBears Baseball Hat: The ZenBears baseball hat are made from chino washed cotton fabric and is priced at £17.95. Our baseball caps are perfect to keep glare and sun away from your eyes and to prevent sun damage on your scalp. 
  2. ZenBears Beanie Hat: The ZenBears beanie hat is made from an acrylic blend in a double knit layer. Our beanie hats a priced at £15.95 and is perfect to keep your head and ears cosy during chilly winter days. 
  3. ZenBears Tote Bag: The ZenBears tote bag is made from 100 % cotton priced at £7.99. These bags are the perfect eco-friendly solution for taking your everyday necessities on the go. 
  4. ZenBears Small Teddy Bear: Our fabric ZenBear teddy bears are priced at £6.99. ZenBears teddies are the perfect addition to your desk or make a cute gift. 
  5. ZenBears Badge: ZenBear pin badges are made from metal and enamel and are priced at £3.99. These badges are great accessories to show your part of the Zen club. 
  6. ZenBear Wax Melt:  ZenBears wax melts that are made from scented wax and priced at £2.99. These melts are perfect for scenting your home and making you feel calm and zen. 
  7. ZenBears Gift Box: The ZenBears Gift Box is made up of a collection of all our favourite merchandise, and gummies as well as a limited edition CBD bath bomb. The gift sets are priced at £55.00 and are perfect for those who need the gift of zen.

What is the theme of the ZenBears Merchandise Products?

The theme of the ZenBears Merchandise Products is to make taking CBD more fun and approachable to those who are new to CBD. ZenBears wants to make our customers feel comfortable and happy. The ZenBears Badge or the ZenBears Wax Melts are useful funky things for daily life. ZenBears hats sport the logo and the message of the ZenBears CBD Products which is happiness, health and Zen. Throughout our ZenBears Merchandise Products, you will find a gummy bear theme to reflect our little CBD bears. ZenBears aims for our gummies to be the best CBD Gummies UK wide. 

What is the average shipping time for the ZenBears Merchandise Products?

The average shipping time for ZenBears Merchandise is 3-5 working days. The shipping time will depend on the customers chosen shipping class and any possible delays by the delivery service (Royal Mail). We frequently ship to London and Manchester as well as other cities in the Uk. We do not ship to mainland Ireland, channel islands or the isle of man. 

What is the Refund Policy for the ZenBears Merchandise Products?

The refund policy is that unopened products can be returned and refunded. Open products cannot be refunded or exchanged. 

How does ZenBears design its Merchandise Products?

ZenBears designs our merchandise house and we keep comfort and simplicity at the core of our designs. Our Merchandise team use Adobe suite and photoshop to curate sleek and zen styles. The team brainstorms ideas to fit with the Zenbears style. Our CBD gummies feature in our gift sets and the gummy bears inspire many of our designs. You may also find limited edition CBD products within user ZenBear gift sets such as CBD bath bombs.