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CBD Edibles

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are an ingestible form of CBD.  There is a wide range of CBD edibles on the market these days, making them a great alternative to CBD topicals or vape products. CBD edibles have become an increasingly popular way to take CBD, and they often come in forms such as CBD sweets, CBD gummy bears, CBD honey, or even gummy worms.

The word “edibles” is usually associated with illegal marijuana edibles. However, CBD edibles are very different and perfectly legal in the UK. In the UK all CBD products including edibles will have less than 0.2% THC as this is the legal limit. As there are some health concerns about the long term effects of vaping CBD,  more people are looking for ways to consume CBD rather than vape it. CBD products have many wellness benefits which are different to other types of hemp products, using an edible form of CBD makes tracking the benefits easier.

Are edible gummies better than CBD Oil?

Both gummies and oils can seem very similar when you first look at how they work, especially as both products are available in different flavours. When it comes to deciding if CBD edibles are better for you compared to oil, the dosage and flavour aren’t the only factors to consider. You should also consider bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the extent and rate that your body absorbs a substance, and the effectiveness can change depending on the method of taking that substance. So let’s compare the pros and cons of CBD oil and CBD gummies.

CBD oils and tinctures have higher bioavailability compared to gummies but only if you administer them correctly. Oils are meant to be placed under the tongue and held for a minute or two before swallowing. Many people don’t find the increased bioavailability a fair trade for the earthy taste of hemp which is very prominent in CBD oil. It can also be hard to control the correct dosage of oil using a dropper pipette.

CBD gummies have a delayed effect due to their lower bioavailability compared to CBD but a much better flavour. Gummies metabolise slower because when taking CBD edibles they have to be processed by your digestive system. Some of the CBD is lost through digestion before it can circulate through your bloodstream. This is an unavoidable factor even with gummies that contain premium CBD. The main advantage of taking CBD gummies is their taste and set dosages. CBD gummies are more like CBD edible sweets in some cases, which helps to cover the earthy taste of hemp with fruit flavours.  Gummies are a great way to get started and to easily find the wellness benefits of CBD.

Types of CBD Edibles

CBD gummies – CBD gummies are possibly the most well-known form of CBD edibles in the UK. Using CBD gummies is a fun and easy way to control your daily CBD dose.  People who are seeking all of the therapeutic benefits of CBD can be put off by the flavour of pure CBD. As ZenBears gummies are pharmaceutically coated with broad-spectrum CBD, they combine all the best parts of CBD gummies and oil. The pharmaceutical coating provides an increased bioavailability, and the gummies make it easy to take a single dose. Not to mention they are tasty! ZenBears cannabidiol is made with organic ingredients to prevent any nasties from entering your body.

CBD Mints – CBD mints are a blend of CBD oil and the ingredients to make a hard mint candy. Using mints as a CBD edible not only mask the earthly flavour found in some edibles but also helps to freshen your breath. People often use mints to chill and relax.

CBD cookies – CBD cookies are a tasty way to take your daily CBD. CBD can be included in many food items and everyday foods such as a cookie. Including a cannabidiol cookie with your morning coffee is a great way to start the day!

CBD  capsules- CBD capsules not only mask the bitter taste of CBD but also help to deliver high dosages. However, they are a fairly boring product compared to other edibles.


CBD Edible properties and useful information

CBD products such as CBD edibles are a useful way to take your daily dosage of CBD. The design of an edible means you can control how much you take more easily meaning you can start with a low dose and increase to a high dose.

How many CBD edibles can I eat?

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to CBD dosages. The number of CBD edibles that you can eat will be different for each brand of edibles. If you take our CBD gummies for example we recommend no more than two and a half gummies per day, that’s 70mg. If you are unsure about how many CBD edibles you are allowed to take, please talk to a medical professional.

How long does it take for CBD edibles to kick in?

The effectiveness of CBD edibles will depend on the type of edible and a persons metabolism. Making it a different experience for each person. Usually, it can take between 30 and 60 minutes before you start noticing the effects.

Can kids take CBD edibles?

We do not recommend CBD edibles for children. Always consult with a paediatrician before giving your child any CBD edibles. It is best to keep CBD gummies out of reach from children as these kinds of edibles can look like normal gummy bears.

Can beginners use CBD edibles?

Yes, edibles are perfect for people who are new to CBD. Using CBD edibles makes keeping track of your CBD experience easy.

Are edibles legal in the UK?

Edibles are legal in the UK, but only if they are CBD edibles rather than cannabis edibles. Cannabis edibles contain THC which is the psychoactive compound that is removed from CBD. All CBD products, including CBD edibles, must have less than 0.2% THC to meet the legal requirements in the UK.  Full-spectrum CBD products will contain many cannabinoids including THC (less than 0.2%). Broad-spectrum and CBD isolate edibles will not contain THC and are also perfectly legal.

Difference between THC edibles in the UK

The main difference between CBD edibles and THC edibles in the UK is that THC edibles are not legal in the UK. Edibles that are legal in the UK must be made with CBD oil that has less than 0.2% THC. Full-spectrum CBD gummies and edibles are also perfectly legal in the UK as long as the THC content is below the legal limit. THC gummies are not allowed in the UK but are in other countries and some states in America.

Will edibles get you high?

No, CBD edibles will not get you high. CBD cannot get you high as the psychoactive compound (THC) is removed. THC is the active ingredient that causes a high, and even in high doses, CBD edibles will not contain enough THC to make you feel high.

Why Choose ZenBears?

If you are considering buying CBD edibles you should give ZenBears a try. ZenBears are the perfect combination of CBD oil bioavailability and CBD gummy flavour. ZenBears have designed an edible that’s fun to use and make using CBD accessible. Our gummies are perfect for beginners as well as regular CBD users.