10 Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Best Gummy Bears for Pain

There is substantial evidence that CBD helps treat chronic pain in adults. Chronic pain is a constant pain that is commonly associated with conditions such as arthritis and lower back pain. Chronic pain can disrupt your lifestyle, which is why people use CBD to ease the burden. The endocannabinoid system is involved in regulating the pain nerves throughout the body as well as localised pain. This means that CBD gummies will help to directly ease these kinds of pain. 

1. ZenBears THC-Free CBD Gummy Bears

Zenbears vegan CBD gummy bears are made using organic planet-friendly making sure to deliver maximum relaxation with minimum effort all in the best-tasting gummies. Zenbears candy types are gummy bears flavoured with Orange (orange), Strawberry (red), pineapple (white), Lemon (yellow), and Apple (green), Blackberry (blue). The unique side of ZenBears CBD Gummies is their flavour intensity and efficiency in absorbing CBD into your system. They are easy and delightful to eat due to their size being larger than your average gummy bear. Zenbears offer 20mg CBD gummies priced at £39.95 As ZenBears are coated with CBD you are more likely to absorb the CBD into your bloodstream faster than other CBD gummies. This means ZenBears are more likely to start easing your pain and nerve pain more efficiently and quickly. ZenBears are perfect for keeping your endocannabinoid system in harmony and your body consistent and pain-free. 

2. Fab CBD Chews

Fab CBD offer a vegan chewy gummy with premium hemp extract, which are good for anywhere any time and are completely THC free. Fab CBD candy type is a gummy bear that is flavoured with mixed fruit flavouring. They are slightly difficult to eat as they are covered in sugar and are rather chewy in texture. Fab CBD gummies are medium in size and available in a selection of different colours. The colour selections are red, pink, orange and yellow. Each of the Fab CBD gummies contains 25mg of CBD and is completely THC free. These CBD gummies are effective in dealing with joint pain and as they have a higher dosage they provide better and longer-lasting effects.  

3. Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals are designed to maximize bioavailability through their vegan gummies designed to deliver all beneficial amino acids, cannabinoids, and terpenes to your body. Cheef Botanical candy types are fruit shapes and their flavours include orange, natural apple, strawberry, grape and pineapple. The unique side of  Cheef Botanicals compared to other CBD brands is their commitment to natural ingredients as well as the range of their dosages (from 300mg-3000mg). With a manageable chewy texture, each fruity gummy is medium in size. Cheef Botanical prices their CBD gummy at £17 for 10mg of CBD in each gummy. They are available in pink, red, orange, green and yellow. These gummies are not THC free, they contain 0.3% THC. Taking CBD gummies with a low dosage throughout the day will assist in relieving chronic pain to return your life to its normal pain-free routine. 

4. Medterra CBD Gummies

Medterra CBD offers CBD gummies created with the planet in mind, meaning everything is vegan friendly as well as championing wellness. Medterra CBD candy type circular gummies that are medium in size. Their flavour options are natural citrus and their deep sleep gummies are available in mixed berries. The gummy consistency makes the easy to eat, especially on the go. Medterra CBD gummies are priced at £43 for a 25mg CBD gummy which is opaque orange. Medterra CBD gummies do contain THC. CBD is an excellent wellness product that affects pain in the brain as it is an anti-inflammatory which makes Medterra CBD gummies perfect for treating joint pain and lower back pain throughout the day. 

5. CBDistillery

CBDDistillery gummies are top quality making these gummies a fun and beneficial method of CBD consumption. CBDDistillery’s candy type is a cube made with all-natural fruit juice. Their flavours include raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.  These are simple to eat and of normal chewiness and small in size. The unique side of these gummies is their natural fruit flavourings and contain 25mg of CBD. CBDistillery prices their gummies at £50, and you can find these come in different colours. Their colours are red, green and orange. CBDistillery’s gummies are completely THC-free meaning you don’t need to worry about psychoactive compounds affecting your body.  Over the counter, CBD such as CBDistillery has been known to help people suffering from pain and helps to improve their quality of life especially for those suffering from fibromyalgia. 

6. CBDfx

CBDfx Gummies have a range of wellness-boosting gummies which are organic, vegan and made with key multivitamins to provide you with the best overall health experience.  CBDfx’s candy type is a round pill-shaped gummy, flavoured with natural lemon. CBDfx’s gummies are quite chewy but easy to eat due to their small size. They are priced at £49.99 and each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and do contain a small amount of THC. The difference with CBDfx gummies is that they offer gummies with other health-related supplements including turmeric and apple cider vinegar. The CBD and apple cider vinegar gummies also help to reduce pain and as CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, together CBDfx offers a gummy which is perfect for those suffering from joint pain or lower back pain. 

7. Green Roads Relax Bears

Green Roads offer a CBD gummy which is fruity and delicious with a balance of sweet and sour, made in a cGMP-registered facility. The candy type of Green Road’s is a gummy bear available in an array of flavours. These flavours include blue raspberry, lemon, cherry, green apple and orange. They are quite soft so easy to eat and medium in size. Green Roads prices their gummy bears from $6.49-$37.99 for 10mg of THC free edibles. They suggest that you take one gummy daily to ease your ailments and maintain harmony in your body. If you suffer from chronic pain these gummies might help you manage your daily pain by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. If you think you should take a higher dosage Green Roads recommends you contact a healthcare professional before doing so. 

8. Hemp Bombs CBD Sleep Gummies

Hemp Bombs offers a CBD gummy with added 5mg of melatonin per gummy to help promote sleep and enable you to feel fully rested and rejuvenated in the morning. Hemp Bomb’s candy type is a gummy cube and is available in a variety of flavours. These flavours include strawberry, green apple, berry, lime, and blue raspberry. They are easy to eat and nice to chew as they are medium in size. Hemp bomb CBD gummies contain 15mg of CBD per gummy and contain less than 0.3% THC. Hemp Bomb CBD gummies are priced from $15 and are available in a variety of colours including pink, green, blue, lime green, and purple. These CBD gummies have a low dosage of CBD with a hint of melatonin to help ease you off to sleep if you struggle with lower back pain or other pain which prevent you from drifting off to sleep. 

9. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web offers a full-spectrum CBD gummy containing 10mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin in every serving. Charlotte’s Web candy type are gummy cubes, flavoured with natural juices. These gummies are easy to eat because they are small in size. Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies are priced at £40.85 for a pot of purple CBD gummies which do have some THC. The unique side of these gummies is that they offer CBD gummies for recovery after exercise, specifically tailored to be a post-workout supplement. Charlotte’s web gummies are good to help with general pain but not necessarily suitable for chronic pain as they have a lower dosage. 

10. Pure Relief

Pure Relief is a sweet and fruity gummy ideal for those who are new to hemp and CBD. The candy type is a gummy bear that is available in different flavours. Pur Relief offer strawberry and peach flavoured gummies. These gummies are easy to eat and small in size. Pure Relief is priced from $59.99 and contains 30mg of CBD per gummy bear. They come in a selection of colours including yellow, pink, orange and red. For the best results with dealing with pain such as back pain, arthritis and stomatic pain in general take one daily to keep your body at a maintained state. 

How does CBD Gummies Help Relieve Pain?

CBD gummies help relieve pain as some contain anti-inflammatory terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene. For pain throughout the day, it is best to pick a CBD product that has a high CBD potency with very low THC. To treat issues related to nighttime CBD with dome higher levels of THC is best because it will help aid you into a natural sleep, preventing you experience the usual discomfort from your chronic pain. Lower dosage CBD gummies can help people who suffer from migraines. 

What are the Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety?

The best CBD gummies for anxiety are ZenBears, Cheef Botanicals and CBDistillery Gummies.

  • ZenBears

ZenBears broad-spectrum CBD gummies are the most effective CBD gummies and help you achieve a natural chill with ease. 

  • Cheef Botanicals 

Cheef Bonaticvles provide a gummy with a wide range of bioavailability helping you calm your anxiety throughout the day. 

  • CBDistillery Gummies

CBDistillery gummies rebalance a wound-up nervous system, creating harmony within your body and mind. 

What are the Best CBD Gummies for Sleep?

The best CBD gummies for sleep are ZenBears, Charllotes web and CBDFx. 

  • ZenBears

ZenBears are 20mg CBD gummies coated in CBD making them perfect to take an hour before bed to help you ease into a good night sleep. 

  • Charlotte’s web

Charlottes Web gummies contain CBD and melatonin which makes them perfect to help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. 

  • CBDFx

CBDFx gummies contain melatonin to help you maintain your sleep throughout the night, making you feel refreshed and ready the next morning. 

Where to Find the CBD Gummies for Pain?

You can find CBD gummies online directly from the ZenBears website, other CBD gummies are available from Amazon, Holland & Barret, Boots, Superdrug and even Asda. 

 Are CBD Gummies Effective for Muscle Pain?

Yes, CBD gummies are considered an effective method of aiding in muscular pain relief. Hemp-derived terpenes potentially offer potent analgesic (pain-killing) effects. CBD may interact with the neurological receptors within the spinal cord that suppress chronic inflammatory pain and possibly muscular pain. 

Do CBD Gummies Ease the Anxiety?

Yes, CBD gummies do ease anxiety. According to Dr Hurd, it can activate some of your serotonin receptors which are associated with relieving anxiety. CBD gummies can help ease the physiological symptoms of anxiety such as an increased heart rate. 

What amount of CBD Should You Take Depending on the Type of Pain?

The dosage of CBD for your particular pain will take some experimenting. It is better to start slowly and increase your dosage gradually as you feel the effects. Using the stepwise Dosing method is the most effective way to find the right dosage for your pain. The stepwise process requires you to establish a baseline dosage and incrementally step up the dosage to find what works best for you. This process usually takes about three days. 

The baseline dosage for pain such as arthritis, back pain, menstrual cramps and migraines recommend that you start with a 2-5mg dosage twice or 3 times a day. Maintaining this dosage for 7 days. The amount of CBD should then increase by 2mg each day until you find what works for your type of pain. 

Do CBD Oil Also Ease the Pain?

Yes, as CBD oil is used within CBD gummies and contains the same properties it will help to ease the pain. Using CBD oil to treat pain might be more suitable for those who find that CBD gummies or other edibles are not as effective for their body.