7 Best CBD Gummies for Kids

CBD has become a popular treatment for many ailments and conditions which also affect kids

Most Consumed and Preferred Gummies by Children

If you’re in doubt about what kinds of ailments should be treated using CBD and if it would suit your child, always contact a paediatrician. Medications, such as Epidiolex, that are made from CBD are being used to treat children with rare forms of epilepsy. However, CBD gummies are available without prescription which can be used to treat autism, anxiety, ADHD and epilepsy in children. 

1. ZenBears CBD Gummies

Zenbears are CBD gummy bears made with pectin rather than gelatin, exclusively vegan and planet-friendly as we only use organic hemp. These gummy bears are designed to deliver maximum relaxation with minimum effort. Zenbears candy types are gummy bears flavoured with Lemon (yellow), Pineapple (white), Strawberry (red), Orange (orange), Blackberry (blue), and Apple (green). They are enjoyable to eat due to their size being slightly larger than your average gummy bear. The unique part of Zenbears is their ability to get CBD into your body with ease, this is due to the bears being coated in CBD so as you chew CBD is absorbed through your gums and mouth. Zenbears are priced at £39.95, offer an all-around CBD gummy for sleep and anxiety. They will help ease your mind to return you to a sense of emotional stability, assist you into a natural sleep. Zenbears would work well for introducing CBD to children as they have a fun appearance and taste amazing, which means you don’t have to worry about arguments over the flavour of CBD oil. 

2. Royal CBD Gummies

Royal CBD values the best experience possible when using CBD for focus and concentration, so have created gummies with a lower dosage at 10mg per gummy. Their candy types are either a gummy dot or gummy drop. The flavour options for the gummy dot is natural fruit and the gummy drop is a sour gummy option. These gummies are easy to chew and small in size so they are enjoyable to eat. Royal CBD gummies are priced at £35.22 you have two options for concentration enhancing gummies. The colour range of the gummy dots is orange, purple and red. While the gummy drops come in red, orange, peach and green colourings.  The difference with Royal CBD gummies is that they are a lower dosage and might be more suitable if you are attempting to treat ailments in children. If you want to use these gummies for sleep-related issues then it would be better to take more than one as a high dosage promotes relaxation. While Royal CBD gummies have a lower concentration to enable better focus and concentration. 

3. Gold Bee CBD Gummies

Gold Bee gummies are for those with a busy bee lifestyle and struggle to take their CBD on the go, which makes them more convenient to use instead of a dropper. These are to help you naturally unwind after a long busy day or even while you are still on the go. Gold Bee candy type is a gummy bear that is small and pleasant to chew. The uniqueness of this product is that it might suit those who already use CBD and want to control their dosage during the day. Gold Bee CBD are priced at £66, they have a general calming effect with Gold Bee recommends that you take two in the morning and two before bed for adults; this dosage should be altered for children. This eases general anxieties and assists in the feeling of being recentered helping you settle into a better nights sleep at the end of the day. 

4. CBDistillery

CBDDistillery gummies are high-quality gummies, fun and beneficial method of CBD consumption. CBDDistillery’s candy type is a cube. Their flavour options are raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.  They are simple to eat and of normal chewiness, as they are small.  CBDistillery is priced from £50 you can find these come in different colours. Their colours are red, green and orange. CBDistillery’s gummies are completely THC-free, so no need to worry about psychoactive compounds affecting your body which might make them a more appealing option if you are using CBD to treat ailments in children. As these bring you a general chill, they are a soothing option for children suffering from restlessness at night. 

5. Joy Organics

Joy Organics focuses on creating the most natural vegan CBD gummies possible, including 10mg of CBD and is of course 0.0% THC. Joy Organics candy types are cubes coated in sugar, and their flavour options include green apple and strawberry lemonade. They are enjoyable to chew and are fairly small but bigger than a standard gummy bear. Joy Organic is priced at £28.63, you can choose from green or pink gummy cubes. These are another all-rounder type of CBD gummy designed for sleep support but also stress management. As these are not specifically designed for sleep it is best to manage the dosage how you feel works for you. These gummies might not be suited for those with insomnia, but if you are looking to calm nighttime tension these would be a suitable option. 

6. Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD Gummies have created a CBD gummy worm that has 10mg of CBD, produced in order to give you an overall positive experience. Penguin CBD Gummies candy type is gummy worms that are flavoured with a tangy blend of sweet and sour sugar. They are slightly more difficult to eat compared to other CBD gummies as these are slightly larger than your average CBD gummy or gummi bear. Penguin CBD gummies are priced at £33, and these CBD gummy worms look just like your classic gummy worm with their blue and red, yellow and red, and orange and green colour combinations. The difference with Penguin CBD gummies is that they add a bit of fun to your wellness routine and help you maintain a daily sense of calm. As these are larger CBD gummy they have the potential to be a useful gummy to help with small dosages as you have more gummy to cut up. Penguin CBD recommends that you start taking their gummies in the evening to settle down and understand how CBD works for your body. 

7. Medterra Gummies

Medterra CBD has created quality CBD gummies that champion wellness, creating products with the planet in mind so keep everything vegan. Medterra CBD offers circular gummies which are medium in size. They are flavoured with citrus and their deep sleep gummies are available in mixed berry. Due to their size and consistency, they are easy to eat, especially on the go. Medterra gummies are priced at £43 and these gummies are opaque orange. If you are looking for CBD gummies to help you go off to sleep, their mixed berry gummies are the best option for those suffering from night stress or insomnia. The unique aspect of these gummies is that they are beneficial if used throughout the day to create a sense of calm which would help children with daily worries and anxiety. 

How to Use CBD Gummies for Children

You can use CBD gummies for children in different ways, by using lower dosage gummies and cutting them up to manage the dosage given. It can be difficult to control the amount of CBD you give to your child. Using CBD gummies is a useful way to administer CBD to a child. As gummies are a tastier option to CBD oil they can help you avoid taste objections and well as giving you the option to cut gummies up to better control the dosage. Always keep the gummies away from children as they can taste like candy. 

Reference Chart for Children’s Dosages

Pain/ ConditionWeight 25 LbsWeight 50 LbsWeight 75 LbsWeight 100 LbsWeight 150 LbsWeight 200 Lbs
Mild6 mg 13 mg 19 mg 25 mg 38 mg 50 mg 
Medium 10 mg19 mg 28 mg 38 mg56 mg 75 mg 
Severe13 mg 25 mg 38 mg 50 mg 75 mg 100 mg 

CBD Dosage: How much CBD should you take? Your CBD dosage depends on many factors, including how you are taking your CBD, the concentration of CBD and even your genetics. It is best to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it until you reach the right dosage for your child. Make sure to track how the CBD makes your child feel and what benefits they experience at different times and dosages. 

Will CBD Make Children High? 

CBD will not make your Child high. CBD doesn’t make you high even if you are a child. CBD is a popular treatment for multiple conditions including some which occur in children. Some medications have been made from CBD such as Epidiolex to treat severe forms of epilepsy in children. 

Is CBD Safe For Children?

It is uncertain whether CBD is completely safe for children. CBD hasn’t been extensively studied on how it interacts with children for its safety or effectiveness. There is some research about CBD and how it works concerning seizure control. However, so much is still not known about this. Always consult a medical professional before deciding to use CBD to treat your child’s ailments. 

Is It Legal To Give CBD To Children?

The legality of giving children CBD is a bit of a grey area as the rules are not particularly clear. Hemp-derived products with less than 0.2% THC are legal to purchase and use. However, giving any THC even 0.2% or less to a child is technically against the law. If you can find CBD gummies that have 0.0% THC or are completely THC free this might be a less risky option. 

Benefits of CBD Gummies For Kids

The benefit of CBD gummies for kids is that CBD can be used to treat ADHD, epilepsy, autism and other ailments. CBD generally has many recommendations from parents anecdotally to treat a range of health issues, from ADHD, anxiety, autism, to epilepsy. CBD’s main claim to fame is assisting children with rare forms of epilepsy, but generally speaking, it could be used to keep your little one in all-around health naturally. 

1. Autism

A study on the real-life experience of medical cannabis treatment in autism on the effect of CBD on Autism found an improvement with symptoms including seizures, restlessness and rage attacks after a month of using CBD. For most of the participants, CBD continued to have a positive effect over a 6-month study period. Other anecdotal reports have said that CBD has helped reduce self-injury incidents related to Autism in children. 

2. Pain

Pain can cause issues for people whether they are a child or an adult. Chronic pain can cause people to have sleepless nights or suffer from depression. Taking CBD can aid in easing issues of chronic pain which may stop your child from sleeping. While there isn’t much scientific evidence for these effects on children, CBD is known to help adults suffering from nerve pain and arthritic pain. Taking CBD gummies throughout the day or before bed will assist in keeping a harmonious dosage of CBD in your bloodstream which could help ease any chronic pain. 

3. Seizures

The FDA has approved Epidiolex as a medication made from CBD to help manage difficult-to-control seizures (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome). When compared with a placebo the medication was shown to reduce seizure frequency. While CBD gummies have not been officially tested to help people control seizures, it would be worth consulting with your doctor on how CBD gummies might suit your child if they suffer from seizures. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that CBD which is store-bought in any form will have the same effect as Epidiolex. 

4. Anxiety

CBD has been shown to stimulate serotonin receptors in the brain, these same receptors have been shown to have correlations with panic attacks and anxiety. Tests on how CBD reduces anxiety have not been tested sufficiently on children. Some preclinical evidence indicates that there might be a place for CBD products such as CBD gummies for the treatment of anxiety disorders. A study into the effectiveness of cannabidiol for pediatric anxiety and insomnia found that CBD improved her anxiety related to her Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eased her insomnia. CBD gummies may be a more fun way for children to ingest CBD and help them treat their anxieties. 

5. Sleep

Sleep deprivation can have serious impacts on how you can function throughout your day, whether you are a child or an adult. As CBD helps to naturally relax your mind and body it is a popular remedy (especially when paired with melatonin) to help people sleep better and settle into a natural sleep cycle. CBD has been known to interfere with the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, generating feelings of sedation and relaxation.  CBD gummies could be a suitable way to control the dosage of CBD to help your child sleep. However, there are some medical concerns about how CBD might interact with other medication that your child is taking, as well as your child becoming tolerant to CBD and therefore worsening the experience of sleep if they stop taking CBD. Due to the lack of scientific research, it is always best to consult your doctor to find out if CBD would be the right fit for your child. 

What to Look for When Buying CBD Gummies for Kids

As CBD is a widely used and produced product, it can be difficult to know exclusively what to look for. But there are a few things to keep an eye out for to help you find the right product:

  • The amount of CBD per recommended dosage, or within each gummy. Make sure to fully examine the label. 
  • Is it organically grown hemp? Selecting organic hemp means you know it will be free from pesticides and toxins which could affect your child’s health. 
  • Third-party testing and lab results which you can verify. Check the certifications to see that the product has been tested by one of these companies: the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC) and the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP).