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Flavours and Variations gummy bear

The main ingredient which makes an impact on the flavour of gummy bears is Citric Acid which gives the gummies their tartness. Other natural flavours are added to the flavourless gelatin. Natural flavourings come from fruits, berries, honey, molasses, and maple sugar. Gummy bears can be made using silicone or starch moulds and either gelatine or a plant-based alternative.

Best Flavours and Variations of gummy bears

Gummy bears are tiny fruit gum sweets that resemble jelly babies. Candies are around 2 cm (0.8 in) long and shaped like a bear. The gummy bear is one of several gummies, which are popular gelatin-based sweets that come in a wide range of forms and colours.

What are the Variations of Gummy Bears?

There are many different variations of gummy bears. We are going to share with you all you need to know about gummy candies. 

1. Gummy Bear

Gummy bears are small bear shapes fruit candies made using gelatin or a vegan alternative. These candies are roughly 2cm long and come in a variety of colours. Gummy bears can even be made at home if you have the ingredients but most importantly you need a gummy bear-shaped mould. 

2. Ring

A gummy ring is a soft-centred candy dusted with sugar. These candies are usually a circular gummy larger than a gummy bear. You can create the gummy ring shape using the circular silicone mould. 

3. Worm

Gummy worms are soft gelatin based confectionery treats in the shape of a toy worm. They tend to be somewhat softer than a gummy bear. Just like with other gummy candies you can make their detailed shapes by setting the gelatin or pectin into a worm shapes mould. The factory producing gummy worms make them slightly differently. The gelatine is essentially stamped into a worm shape onto a tray and dusted with sugar.  

4. Frog

Gummy frogs are smooth and soft gummy candy that is half-foam and half-gummy. With a solid green colouring and a fruity flavouring. These little froggies take their shape using moulds or through factory processes. 

5. Cherries

Cherry gummies are fruity cherry flavoured jelly sweets in the shape of two juicy cherries. As the name suggests they have a strong cherry flavouring and the shape is achieved by pouring gelatine into cherry shaped moulds. 

6. Sharks

Gummi Sharks are half-foam and half-gummy fruit candy shaped like sharks. These candies are similar to gummy hearts and are made by setting the gelatin into heart-shaped moulds. 

7. Penguin

Penguin gummies are small black and white jelly candies made to look like a classic penguin. The candies are usually flavoured with peach fruit flavouring. Gummy penguins are not your average gummy but they are still made using gelatin, or a vegan alternative, and set into moulds. 

8. Fruits

These sweet confectionary are similar to your gummy bear but made in the shape of fruits. They are flavoured usually with white grape juice or apple juice. Gummy fruits are a variety of gummy shapes each made using gelatine or an alternative such as pectin and shaped using a silicone mould. 

9. Hippo

Hippo gummies are fun hippo shapes candies made with a jelly and foamy texture. They are usually flavoured with strawberry, raspberry or cherry flavourings. These hippo faces are shaped using gelatin moulds in the shape of hippo faces. 

10. Snake

Snake gummies are jelly candy made in the shape of a snake, sometimes these candies can be found in giant sizes for an extra fun treat. Even the giant gummies are shaped by pouring the jelly mixture into a snake-shaped mould. For giant snakes, they require giant moulds if made at home. Factory-made snakes may use moulds but may also stamp their gummy snakes onto a tray. 

What are the Flavors of Gummy Candies?

Gummy candies can come in a variety of different flavours, but usually, you can find them made with different fruit extracts. Citric acid is also used in each gummy to give the candies an undertone of tartness. 

1. Orange 

Gummies with orange flavouring are made using sweeteners and either natural or artificial orange flavouring. Natural orange juice is what is used in many orange gummies you can find. 

2. Raspberry 

Raspberry gummies are made using natural raspberry juice, or artificial raspberry flavouring. To give the gummies extra sweetness sugars are added and sometimes citric acid. 

3. Strawberry 

Natural or artificial strawberry flavouring is what is usually used to create strawberry gummy candies. If gummies are made with natural flavours, they are made using concentrated strawberry juice. 

4. Pineapple 

Pineapple gummies tend to be a mild yellow colour due to the use of natural pineapple juice as a means of flavouring. Sugar or sweeteners are also used to take the sharpness out of the candies taste. 

5. Lemon

Citric acid and lemon flavouring are combined with sugar to create the classic citrus lemon gummies we know so well. Sugar and sweeteners are also added to make sure these gummies aren’t sharp in flavour. 

6. Apple

Apple gummies are made using natural apple juice to give them the apple taste. 

7. Peach

To fully capture the true flavour of a peach in a gummy candy you will need to use concentrated peach flavouring. This may already have sugar or sweeteners included enhancing the flavour. 

8. Watermelon

To achieve a slightly sour watermelon flavoured gummy candy you will need to use watermelon juice and citric acid. The citric acid is what gives the watermelon a slightly sour taste. Watermelon is a complex flavour to make artificially, therefore if you have an artificial flavouring to add to your mixture it won’t taste quite as good. 

9. Grape

The classic grape flavouring is usually made using artificial flavouring and added flavour enhancers. This would also include citric acid. 

10. Mango

Mango gummies can be made using mango juice but also orange juice to add the depth of flavour and provide a bit of added sourness. Lemon juice is an optional addition to give the mango flavour more dimension. 

11. Sour

The sour flavour on gummy candies is made by mixing citric acid with sugar to dust the outside of the gummies. The citric acid which is combined with the gelatine, or vegan alternative, in the creation of the actual gummy is also what gives the gummy a sour or tart flavour. 

What are the Best Gummy Bear Flavors?

The best gummy bear flavours are pineapple and orange with a sour apple as a close third favourite. 

What Are the Benefits of Gummy Candies?

Gummy candies have several benefits including ensuing CBD into gummy bears, vitamin gummy candies and the benefits from collagen. Collagen in gummy bears helps strengthen hair, nails, skin and teeth. Gummy candies are also useful as a post-workout sugar boost. Gummy candies with added vitamins and minerals are a beneficial way of helping take your daily health supplements. 

How Are Gummy Candies Made?

Gummy candies are made by melting gelatin, or a plant-based alternative, with citric acid and fruit flavouring. The mixture is then poured into the candy shaped moulds and refrigerated until they have set. 

Who Can Use Gummy Candies?

Children who are four and under shouldn’t use gummy candies because they are a choking hazard. Those who are avoiding gelatin or animal-based products should avoid gummy candies unless they are made with a plant-based alternative such as pectin. 

Can Children Use Gummy Candies?

Children over the age of four can use gummy candies if they are supervised by an adult or of a suitable age where the parents deem it safe.