What are the Most Common CBD Products?

CBD is a therapeutic compound extracted in the form of oil from the hemp or cannabis plant. CBD can be used in many different forms creating a wide variety of CBD products to choose from.

CBD Products

1. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are edible candies either infused, injected or coated in CBD oil. The benefit of using CBD gummies is that they are a premeasured dosage of CBD helping you manage your CBD dosage much easier. The main feature of a CBD gummy is that it tastes better than CBD oil. You can easily use CBD gummies by eating them or cutting them in half to eat a smaller dosage. The average price of CBD gummies is between £18-30. These gummies tend to be made like normal gummy bears and then injected with CBD oil. The ingredients may vary depending on the desired effects or taste of CBD gummies. Many CBD gummies are now made using pectin so that they are vegan friendly, but also this prevents them from melting during transportation. The best CBD gummy brands are ZenBears, CBD fx and Sunday Scaries.

2. CBD Oil

CBD oil is the extracted oil from the hemp plant which is often used for its therapeutic properties. CBD oil is used on its own or infused into other things such as foods, drinks, topical balms and essential oil rollers. The benefits of CBD oil are reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and reduction in pain. CBD oil is used sublingually and is placed under the tongue using a dropper. The average price of CBD oil is £20. The best CBD oil brands are Fab CBD oil, Penguin CBD oil and Bluebird Botanicals. CBD oil is made by extracting oil from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.

3. CBD Topicals

CBD topical is a CBD product that is applied externally to the body, such as a balm or a cream. Some people think that a topical application is more effective than a vape pen, cartridge, or edible product, as the topical provides a localized effect. This form of CBD product is best for those who would rather not ingest CBD. The way to use CBD topical is to apply them directly to problem areas on the skin. The average price of a CBD topical balm is £15. The best brand for CBD topical cream is Hempfield. Hempfield CBD topical cream has the highest level of CBD concentrated oil. CBD topical balms are made by adding CBD oil to cold-pressed shea butter. Coconut oil is commonly added for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial effects.

4. CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are digestible CBD products like gummies. CBD capsules are digestible capsules of CBD oil or MCT oil. Some specific flavonoids, terpenes could be found within these capsules. The benefits of using CBD capsules are pretty much the same as CBD gummies. However, CBD capsules can be used as a CBD or MCT oil supplement for those who don’t find dosing easy. The way to use capsules is to swallow them. The average price of CBD capsules is £20. The process of making CBD capsules is a little bit complicated. The active chemicals of CBD capsules are usually extracted from the marijuana plant and placed inside a consumable capsule. The best brands for CBD capsules are Pure Heavens and Phytocabinet.

5. CBD Chocolate

CBD chocolate is chocolate that has been infused with CBD oil during the melting process of chocolate. CBD chocolate is a beneficial way to take CBD as a supplement. The taste of chocolate with CBD oil in it is really pleasant compared to the earthy taste of CBD. CBD chocolate is made by melting chocolate over a double boiler and adding CBD oil, when the chocolate and oil is fully combined it is allowed to set in a mould. TO use CBD chocolate you must eat it in small dosages. The average price of CBD chocolate is £6. The best brand f CBD chocolate is CBD BioTech.

6. CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is made by mixing CBD oil with green coffee beans. The lecithin that’s normally in coffee beans is removed, which makes green coffee beans more bioavailable. Using CBD coffee is beneficial for your health because it contains amino acids, antioxidants, and other cannabinoids that helps with inflammation. You use CBD coffee by drinking it in small amounts. It may be more difficult to measure your dosage by taking CBD this way. The best brand for CBD coffee is CBD Infused Coffee Beans. The average price for CBD coffee is $5.00.

7. CBD Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs with CBD are helpful because they relax and relieve your body. They also contain essential oils that contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. People who suffer from muscle or joint pain may find a CBD bath bomb helpful. Bath bombs are placed in a warm bath before you take a dip and are allowed to melt until it is fully dissolved. The average price of a CBD bath bomb is $15. CBD bath bombs are made by compressing bicarbonate of soda, Epsom salts, CBD oil and essential oils into a ball. Once they are combined and fully dried they are ready to go into your bath. The best CBD bath bomb brand is CBD oil by Linda Penndot.

8. CBD Drops for Dogs

CBD drops for dogs is a form of CBD consumable by dogs. The benefits of CBD drop for dogs include long-term and short-term pain relief and muscle and joint relaxation. These drops come in forms that either need to be given to the pet in an oral capsule, placed in a water bowl, or be poured straight onto the pet’s tongue. The average price of CBD drops for dogs is about $20 – $50 per bottle. The best brand for CBD drops for dogs is CBD for Pets by Healthy Hemp Oil.

9. CBD Body Lotion

Body lotion with CBD is beneficial because it can penetrate the fur and the skin of the animal. The range of benefits of bathing with CBD lotion includes stress relief and muscle pain. The way that you use CBD body lotion is to rub the lotion onto yourself since CBD lotion is water-soluble to use after a shower or bath. The average price of CBD body lotion is from $15 – $30 per bottle. The best brand of CBD body lotion for people is Koi Hemp Extract CBD Lotion.

10. CBD Softgels

CBD soft gels are CBD edibles that are extremely popular among people. The benefits of taking CBD soft gels are that the level of CBD is consistently dosed. The features of CBD soft gels are that they are available in two sizes, small for one serving and large for two servings. The benefits of taking CBD soft gels include being able to stabilize your emotion and create a sense of calm. To use CBD soft gels you must eat one to two soft gels a day. The average price of CBD soft gels in the market is in the range of $20 for one packet. The best brand of CBD soft gels is called CBDistillery. 

What is the Easiest CBD Product To Consume?

The easiest CBD product to consume is the CBD gummy bear because they have the best dosage options and have the best flavour.

How are CBD Products Obtained?

CBD products are obtained easily in stores such as Holland and Barrett or online.

How are CBD Products Flavored?

CBD products are usually made and then infused with CBD. This means that they are flavoured before CBD is added.

How do the Uses of CBD Products Differ?

Some CBD products such as CBD gummies are consumed and others are applied externally such as topical balms.

Where are CBD Products Used?

The situations where you might use CBD products are if you struggle with daily stress and anxiety or chronic pain.

How to know whether a CBD Product is quality or not?

How to know how good the quality of a CBD product is good:

  • Check that they use organic hemp oil.
  • The dosage isn’t less than 10 mg.
  • There is a terpene profile chart.
  • Lab reports are easily available.
  • Check their address is registered.
  • Search for a variety of reviews.

How does ZenBears protect the quality of CBD Products?

ZenBears protects the quality of CBD products by ensuring that all hemp is produced organically and that lab reports are easily available to customers.

Is hemp oil Products better than CBD Products for pain?

No hemp products are not better than CBD products for pain. This is because CBD works directly with your nervous system and pain receptors. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties.