What are the Best Podcasts for CBD?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has many therapeutic properties and doesn’t have psychoactive properties. CBD is also known as Cannabidiol. A podcast is an audio show that provides content on a particular topic and is great for people who commute to work or like to listen to audiobooks. Podcasts are great for people who want to learn about CBD because the content provides interesting facts related to this topic. In this article, we have listed the best 15 podcasts that have been created on this topic.

CBD Podcasts

1. The CBD Ed Show with Ed Chaney

The CBD Ed Show with Ed Chaney is a CBD focused podcast created with Ed Chaney. The podcast brings together industry experts, health professionals and researchers with insights into the CBD market. Each episode of the CBD Ed Show with Ed Chaney is just under an hour-long, and you can listen to them on Spotify or Apple podcasts. On the show, they talk about the CBD industry and answers questions about CBD and how it can help balance your mind and body. The benefit to listening to a podcast is that you can usually have someone clearly explain these issues when you might struggle to understand them in readings.

2. Understanding CBD

Understanding CBD is a podcast for people who are curious about CBD and looking for some explanations. The podcast features its hosts, Max Sobol and Steven Walman, as well as other guests. The podcast is designed to entertain and empower you at the same time, making CBD a more accessible subject. Each episode of Understanding CBD is under 45 minutes long and you can listen to it on Podcast Addict. The benefit of listening to this podcast is that it less serious and more entertaining, so you will learn a lot more about the subject with less effort.

3. CBD School

CBD School podcast is a place to learn the most out of CBD products (cannabidiol). The host Jenn Procacci has created an accessible podcast that lasts from half an hour to over an hour long. CBD School is hosted on various podcasting platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Podtail, Podbean and other streaming platforms. This podcast covers CBD and its bioavailability, mental health and cannabis, cooking with CBD and much more. The benefit of listening to the CBD School podcast is that you get a wide range of subject matter around CBD.

4. CBD Talk Podcast

CBD Talk Podcast is hosted by Dawn Peacock and is about providing education about cannabidiol and attempts to open the doors to the CBD world. Each podcast lasts an average of 45 minutes and can be streamed on Apple Podcast, Soundcloud and the CBD Talk Podcast website. They will talk about mistakes around CBD as well as having specialist guests. The benefit of listening to this podcast is providing an open discussion about CBD with professionals.

5. Kannaboom | CBD and Cannabis for Wellness

Kannaboom is a podcast created by a cannabis advocate who understands how it can make your life better. The podcast is hosted by Tom who has begun connecting with scientists and activists in the CBD field. Kannaboom episodes are between 20 minutes to an hour-long. The podcast is streamable from Kannaboom’s website as well as Apple Podcast. The benefit of listening to this podcast is that you get balanced perspectives about cannabis from someone who wasn’t usually interested in cannabis.


CBD HEALTH PODCAST is a podcast that explains CBD by educated physicians and staff. The podcast is hosted by Dr Thomas Rocco who is a Medical Director of medical marijuana. On this podcast, they talk about CBD and the use of marijuana in a medical sense rather than recreationally. CBD HEALTH PODCAST time length of the podcast is between 10-45 minutes long. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify. The benefit of listening to this podcast is that you can get a medical perspective on marijuana.

7. Artemis Radio: CBD

Artemis Radio: CBD is a podcast about creating an open discussion about CBD and all things cannabis and how it relates to general health and what it can do for your everyday life. The podcast is hosted by Dr Junella Chin and lasts around 20 minutes. You can listen to Artemis Radio: CBD on Spotify. They discuss the details of CBD and your body such as interactions between phytocannabinoids and our bodies.

8. Blunt Business

Blunt Business is a podcast dedicated to dispensing cannabis business knowledge beyond the conventional space. The podcast is designed to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the CBD and cannabis industry. The host is Sean Eubanks and each episode lasts 44 minutes and is hosted on various platforms. The platforms you can listen to Blunt Business is Apple Podcasts, Cannabis Radio as well as Spotify.

9. Keeping up with CBD. the Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping up with CBD. the Do’s and Don’ts is a female entrepreneur pioneering her way through the CBD industry. This podcast is geeking out over the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids and explains it all. From fibromyalgia to chronic pain to anxiety. Keeping up with CBD. the Do’s and Don’ts is hosted by “That CBD Girl” and can be found on various podcasting platforms. You can listen to this podcast on Podchaser, Podcasraddict, listen to notes and google podcasts. The episodes are 30 minutes long. The benefit of this podcast is that you are learning about CBD from a female perspective.

10. CBD Hemp Life

CBD Hemp Life is hosted by Cam Williams where he talks about digestion, inflammation and other applications of CBD oil. This podcast is designed to walk you down the path of CBD education, and life around CBD. Each episode lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. You can listen to CBD Hemp Life on the apple podcast and Podchaser. In this podcast, you will hear all about the different applications of CBD and its various therapeutic uses.

11. the CBD Guide Podcast

The CBD Guide Podcast is hosted by Scott Hawksworth. This show helps you to unlock the world of CBD by interviewing and talking to groundbreaking entrepreneurs and experts. The length of this podcast is 30 minutes long. The CBD Guide Podcast explores new products, brands and CBD trends in the growing industry. You can listen to this podcast on The CBD Guide website, Apple Podcast and Spotify. The benefit of this podcast is that you have exciting information about new upcoming CBD products and trends that you might not be aware of.

12. the Cannabis Conversation | Medical Cannabis | CBD | Hemp

The Cannabis Conversation is hosted by Anuj Desai and focuses on personal journies with cannabis and what effects it has had on peoples lives. This podcast highlights new medical discoveries to provide clarity to a misunderstood plant. The podcast can be streamed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and each episode last around 40 minutes. The benefits of hearing peoples personal journies with CBD can help people decide whether CBD will work for them.

13. Smilyn Daily

Smilyn Daily Podcast covers everything you need to know about CBD from health and wellness to news related to CBD. The subjects they cover in this product include insomnia, CBD as a coffee swap, the value of softgels and an explanation of cannabinoids. Smilyn Daily Podcast episodes are between 2-3 minutes long. You can stream the Smilyn Daily Podcast over on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

14. CBD Source

CBD Source is a podcast about learning the benefits of CBD and hearing stories about different people and their experiences. This podcast focus on being a source of information about all thing cannabinoids and new products on the market. The host of the CBD Source is Col Cheney. Each episode of the CBD Source Podcast lasts around an hour and can be streamed from various places. You can stream the CBD Source Podcast on their website, apple podcasts, Podchaser and Podbay.

15. CBD University

CBD University Podcast focuses on teaching listeners about CBD and health and wellness products in general. Every podcast examines the industry and includes the latest news and information around trends. The Host of the CBD University Podcast is Joe Agostinelli and each episode lasts about 20 minutes. You can find episodes to listen to on various Podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music and their website. The benefit of listening to these podcasts is the access to the source material for you to receive actionable information.

How can Podcasts Help You to Learn CBD Usage?

Listening to podcasts about CBD help you to know better information about CBD to help inform your CBD purchases. The benefits o listening to a podcast means that you can consume information in a fun and accessible way. Podcasts are useful because they are great tools to learn about the positivity of CBD. If you would like to grow your knowledge quickly and in a fun way, this is easy to do using the top CBD podcasts.

What are the Best Books about CBD?

The best books about CBD will provide you with clear and interesting information backed up by science. You can find the best books about CBD listed below:

  • The ABC’s of CBD
  • Cannabis Revealed
  • Healing with CBD
  • The CBD Kitchen