9 Best CBD Products for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

CBD is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant with many therapeutic properties, such as helping to ease anxiety, insomnia and even muscle pain. The benefit of using CBD for muscle pain is they it has anti-inflammatory effects which help to reduce any pain and discomfort caused by acute and chronic injuries, faster than they normally would after injury.

Best CBD Products for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

1. ZenBears CBD gummies

ZenBears was established in June 2020 and offer consumers pharmaceutically coated CBD gummy bears. The advantage of taking ZenBears is that they are an easy way to consume your CBD on the go with a precise dosage. The disadvantage of ZenBears is that they contain sugar which isn’t stable for diabetics. They are priced at £39.95 and have great results for many of their customers treating muscle pain, anxiety and joint pain. ZenBears are used by consuming the gummy bears, holding them in your mouth or sucking them for around a minute to get the best sublingual effect. The product is a CBD gummy bear, and they are flavoured like lemon, orange, apple, pineapple, strawberry, blackberry. They are very easy and nice to eat.

2. Select CBD Drops

Select CBD drops are the creator of the edible drops with a 15% cannabinoid extraction ratio. Select CBD Drops were established in the summer of 2019. The advantage of Select CBD Drops is they are also available in 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 5000 mg and a range of different flavours. The disadvantage of Select CBD Drops is that they are not so easy to dose. They are priced from $52 to $58.3. Taking CBD oil helps muscle recovery because it contains high levels of medicinal glucosides. It has a higher concentration of CBG than CBD, so it boosts the CBG levels. You use Select CBD Drops by dropping the oil under your tongue. The product made by Select CBD Drops is a CBD oil. It has a variety of tastes such as lemon-ginger, Peppermint, Lavender and an unflavored option.

3. Strainz Ratio Tinctures

Strainz Ratio Tinctures is a CBD brand that was established in 2015. The key ingredients of these products are all-natural and include CO2 extracted CBD-rich hemp oil. The advantage of their products is that CBD oil help with inflammation, stress, and anxiety. The disadvantages of Strainz Ratio Tinctures are that they are much less strong than the other brands. The price of their products is $34.95 – $64.95. Strainz Ratio Tinctures helps with muscle recovery because of their properties regarding inflammation. The ratio of the oil has 6x more CBD than THC. To use CBD oil you must place a few drops in the affected area. Strainz Ratio Tinctures product is CBD oil. Their CBD oil is available in berry, citrus, mint and natural flavours.

4. Wyld CBD Gummies

Wyld CBD Gummies are a CBD gummy producing brand that was established in 2013. The advantage of their products is that they are made with cannabidiol which is made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. CBD is a compound of cannabidiol which is an element that has calming effects on the body. The disadvantage of using Wyld CBD Gummies is that they are a little bit hard to swallow due to their shape and bulkiness. But their CBD is very effective, and it can provide you with proper relief from muscular pain. Their gummies are priced from $22.00 and have the following flavours; Lemon, blackberry, huckleberry and raspberry.

5. OMG THC’s CBD Espresso Beans

OMG THC has produced a chocolate-covered infused coffee bean with CBD. OMG THC was established in 2016. The advantage of using chocolate CBD products with THC is the high levels of cannabinoid delivery with a lower dose of THC. This results in a more serious and scientific level of relief. The disadvantage of using Espresso Beans with THC is the lack of aroma or flavour. Chocolate with CBD is a new concept for a whole lot of people. The price of the OMG THC CBD Espresso beans is uncertain. You cause this product by eating one or two throughout the day to help relieve your body of muscle pain and joint ache which could be the result of a tough workout.

6. cbdMD Recover CBD Pain Relief Cream

cbdMD has created a CBD Pain Relief Cream to help those with joint and muscle pain. cbdMD was established in 2015 and have their headquarters based in North Carolina. The advantages of using a CBD cream for muscle pain are plentiful and so is the choice of creams and solutions on the market. The disadvantage of using a topical CBD product is that they are readily absorbed into your bloodstream. This is great for relieving pain, but they are very concentrated and heavy, which can make using them difficult. The product that cbdMD offers are a topical cream which is priced at $29.99. You can use this product by applying directly to the affected area, and you should experience temporary pain relief as well as a mental warming sensation. As this product is not to be consumed there is no taste.

7. Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief CBD Cream

Green Roads have created a muscle and joint relief cream infused with CBD. Green Roads was established in 2011 by Arby Barosso. The advantage of using muscle and joint relief cream for post work out recovery is that you can apply it right to the source of pain. The disadvantage is that some people don’t find this method works as well for them, as consuming CBD. The price of the muscle balm is $29.99. CBD is perfect for post-workout recovery because it works with the body’s natural recovery process. You can use Green Roads muscle and joint relief CBD cream by applying it directly to areas that are causing you pain and discomfort. This product has no taste as it is not to be consumed like other CBD products.

8. Prima R&R Recovery Cream

Prima R&R have created a CBD recovery cream. Prima was established in 2019. The advantages of using their products are that they provide recovery for the whole body. The disadvantage of Prima recovery cream with CBD is that they offer products only to the USA and Puerto Rico. The cream is priced at $38 and can be purchased off their website. This product helps muscle pain because it reduces inflammation and muscle strains produced by a workout. You use Prima R&R recovery cream by applying it to the affected areas. This product contains CBD but must only be used externally and should not be consumed.

9. Foria Wellness Relief Salve and Kava

Foria has produced a muscle relief balm that soothes cramps, aches and other general soreness. Foria was established in 2014. The advantage of using Foria Wellness Relief Salve and Kava is that it is made with 100% organically grown Kava, as well as full-spectrum extract taken from organically grown hemp. The disadvantage of this product is that it might not work for your pain and discomfort, and it is quite expensive. Foria prices this product at $58.00. This product works because the cannabis botanicals encourage muscle release and nourish blood flow. It helps to ease the pain which could have been caused by a strenuous workout or exercise regime. You should apply this balm directly to the places which as causing you pain.

What is the Effect of CBD on Muscles?

The main effect of using CBD on muscles is to release pain and speed up muscle recovery after a workout. There is more to study about this effect it is most likely due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities.

How should You Use CBD after Workout for Muscle Recovery?

You should use CBD as a topical balm as well as consume it post work out. CBD oil is very effective for muscle soreness after high intensity or high impact sports such as rugby.

Does CBD Accelerate Post-Workout Recovery?

Yes, many people experience accelerated post-workout recovery after using CBD.

How CBD Helps with Muscle Recovery

CBD helps muscle recovery due to its natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Applying CBD directly to the muscle which is in pain or using CBD oil after a workout will help to release this pain.

How Much CBD Should You Take for Muscle Recovery?

The amount of CBD you should take for muscle recovery depends on your body and personal dosage. Star with 10 mg or a topical balm and wait a few hours to feel the results. You cannot overdose on CBD and there are very few concerns about using it externally.

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Work for Muscle Pain?

Your body will respond to the pain of taking CBD. The effects are gradual. It takes at least 2-3 hours for you to feel the effect taking place.