CBD for ADHD: What are the Research, Considerations, and Side Effects?

CBD is thought to be associated with benefits for ADHD by improving sleep, reducing anxiety, and altering brain chemistry. CBD is a compound that acts on the body's Endocannabinoids. It is a natural constituent of cannabis and hemp that has a huge impact on the brain and neurotransmitter functions. ADHD is a complex disorder of brain chemistry arising from abnormal neural pathways leading to concentration problems and hyperactivity. The relationship between CBD and ADHD is complex. CBD's therapeutic benefits do not come from its direct effect on the brain. The results of recent clinical trials are emerging.


What is ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)?

The definition of ADHD is a well-characterized neurobehavioral condition affecting a large percentage of children and adults. This disorder is characterized by a consistent pattern of behaviour whereby people seem restless and have trouble concentrating. The cause of ADHD is not clearly known and there is no cure. However, the treatment of ADHD includes stimulants such as methylphenidate (Ritalin) and other prescribed medications.

How can CBD be Used for ADHD Treatment?

CBD is a therapeutic health supplement derived from hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) that can be used to treat different health conditions. There are several health conditions where CBD can be used to ease pain, anxiety and even inflammation. The benefit of using CBD to treat ADHD is the fact that many people who suffer from this disorder exhibit changes in their brain chemistry. CBD helps ADHD by interacting with your bodies natural processes. Cannabidiol is already present in cannabis plants, which is where CBD comes from. The way to take CBD for ADHD is to either use CBD oil or CBD gummies because the CBD you get from the cannabis plant is very small compared to CBD oil or CBD gummies. 

Yes, CBD is legal to use for ADHD treatment. CBD is legal in most countries and states in the US, but it varies with each state. Parents are encouraged to contact their medical professionals about CBD use for ADHD before using it as a treatment.

What Types of CBD Products are There?

There are many different ways to take CBD and a variety of products to choose from. CBD products will be listed below.

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD oil
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD bath bombs
  • CBD balms
  • CBD softgels

Is it Safe to Use CBD for ADHD?

It is safe CBD for ADHD when used properly. There is always a risk in taking new medications and medications can interact with your medications and existing conditions. You should talk to your medical professional about how CBD might affect your medication or your ADHD generally.

Is CBD Safe for a Child who Has ADHD?

It is uncertain whether CBD is safe to use on children as it is not currently an FDA approved product for use in children. However, it is safe to use in adults and some parents treat their children with CBD following the advice of a penetration. There are some medications that are CBD based designed to help children with extreme seizures and troublesome epilepsy. This medication Epidiolex is an example of this medication.

What are the Possible Harms and Side Effects of CBD for ADHD?

The possible side effects of CBD for ADHD usage is minimal and it is by observation and not confirmed scientifically that these side effects can occur. Some patients may note some stomach upset and diarrhoea resistance and some general fatigue. The effect of CBD can ADHD can improve your poor concentration and improve your attention span.

Can CBD Help with Ease Symptoms of ADHD?

Yes, CBD can help ease the symptoms of ADHD by addressing these issues. Some benefits of CBD that bring relief to ADHD symptoms by interacting with your bodies natural systems is that it can increase dopamine and fatty acids. CBD has been shown to improve focus and calm down for some for those suffering from ADHD and anxiety. The benefits of CBD for ADHD are immense and often very helpful.

How to Use CBD for ADHD?

You can use CBD for ADHD by first determining what products you want to use it on, this will be helpful in choosing the right CBD strains. Ways to take CBD include: through food and drinks (dosing by weight and serving size), or by achieving a high concentration (through ingesting larger amounts of CBD edibles such as CBD gummies. The best CBD dosage for ADHD is on a trial-and-error basis using a small dose such as 10 mg on smaller occasions, then going up from there.

How Often Should You Take CBD for ADHD?

Should take CBD for ADHD every day until you find the correct dosage to help you manage the symptoms.

Does CBD Work Immediately for ADHD?

No, CBD does not work immediately for everyone. It can take up to an hour for you to notice the effects of CBD. It can take a few weeks of trying CBD for you to notice how it helps your ADHD generally.