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15 Best Gummy Bear Brands

15 best gummy bear brands

The best gummy bear brands will match the texture with flavour to create the best gummy bear experience. They could be classic gelatine or vegan friendly with plant-based ingredients. Below are the top 15 best gummy bear brands. 

1. ZenBears Gummy Bear

ZenBears CBD gummies are made exclusively with planet-friendly organic hemp, which is made with pectin, so they are vegan. ZenBears are designed to deliver maximum relaxation with minimum effort. Zenbears candy types are gummy bears flavoured with pineapple, strawberry, orange, lemon, apple, and blackberry. The unique side of ZenBears CBD Gummies is their taste and texture, but also the effectiveness in absorbing CBD into your body. They are easy and enjoyable to eat due to their size being slightly larger than your average gummy bear. Zenbears offer CBD gummies priced at £39.95 with a selection of colour options. The gummy bear colours that ZenBears offer a red, blue, orange, green, white, and yellow. The health benefits of these gummies are that they are made with CBD and pectin. CBD is a great substance for balancing your body’s endocannabinoid system, it also helps to deal with inflammation and issues around pain. Pectin is a source of vegan fibre and helps you lower LDL cholesterol levels. 

2. SmartSweets

SmartSweets brings you the candies you crave without the health hazards of lots of dangerous sugar. Their candy options include lollipops, gummy worms, sour melon bites, red twists, gummy bears, peach rings, sweet fish and sour blast buddies. These candies come in a variety of flavours including, peach, sour melon, mixed berry, classic red liquorice and berry mix, and other flavours such as blue raspberry and pink lemonade. These candies are easy to eat and if they are gummies they are pleasantly chewy. SmartSweets largest candies are the lollipops, gummy worms and peach rings. SmartSweets smaller candies are the gummy worms and sour melon bites. Their candies come in a wide variety of colours in pink, red, peach, orange, blue. The gummy worms and gummy bears come in a combination of different colours. SmartSweets prices start from $13.98-$19.78. These candies have the added benefit of being low or sugar-free, some are plant-based and free from gelatine. This means that SmartSweets offer a candy that is designed to be better for your health, to help you curb your sweet cravings without the sugar. 

3. Surf Sweets

Surf Sweets offer allergy-friendly candies that are free from artificial colours, flavours and high fructose corn syrup. Surf Sweets Organic candy types are gummy bears, fish, jelly beans, gummy rings and gummy worms all with natural fruit flavourings. They are somewhat chewy but easy to eat and on average medium in size. Surf sweets are priced at £24.99 on their website and are available variety of colours. The colour selections are red, pink, yellow, and orange. The unique aspect of these gummies is they are completely natural and designed to be as healthy as possible by using natural fruit flavours. In Surf Sweets you will find no artificial colours. As these gummies are organic and free from allergy concerning ingredients, they are a healthy option for you to take with you as a snack and share with friends. 

4. Black Forest

Black Forest is an American brand that makes fruit juice gummy snacks in a selection of shapes and flavours all of which are derived from natural sources. Black Forest candy types are gummy bears, gummy worms, juicy bunnies and a berry medley. Their flavour options are mixed fruit made with real fruit juice. All of their gummies are easy to eat and Black Forset gummies are medium in size. Black Forset candies can be bought in the UK priced from £6.75 for various retailers. These gummies are available in a variety of colours including red, orange, green, pink, purple and others.  The unique aspect of Black Forset gummies is that they offer an organic version alongside most of the candies they have available. This means you can choose the most natural candy for your body and for the planet. 

5. Brach’s

Brach’s gummy candies are made with real concentrated fruit juice to enhance and boost the big flavours in each candy. Their candy types are gummy bears, spice drops and mandarin fruit slices. Brach’s gummy candy flavour options are mandarin, spices and mixed fruit juice. Brach’s candies are slightly difficult to eat as they seem quite firm, and they are fairly large in size. Brach’s gummies are priced as a multi-pack that is available on Amazon for $45.89 for a pack of 12. Their colour options are red, blue, green, yellow, white and orange. The difference between Brach’s gummies is that they offer a sugar-free alternative which means that they are more accessible to people with specific dietary requirements.  

6. YumEarth Naturals

Yum Earth Gummy Bears offer delicious and totally organic gummy bears. Yum Earth Gummy Bears candy type is a bear with a range of flavour options. Their flavour options are pomegranate pucker, mango tango, perfectly peach, and strawberry smash. These gummies are fairly easy to chew. They are medium-sized gummies and priced at £5.09. Yum Earth Gummy bears can be found in red, orange, yellow, and pink. 

7. Albanese 

Albanese offers a creative selection of fruity tasty gummy candies with a soft texture and intense flavour, all of which are gluten and fat-free. Their candies come in a multitude of variations including and candy types including gummy bears, worms, butterflies, frogs, blossoms, sharks and rattles snakes. The unique aspect of Albanese gummies is that they come in many different shapes including fighter jets, army guys, pumpkins, and even chocolate-covered gummy bears. Their flavour options are Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple. They also offer Mango, Pineapple, Lemon and some interesting sherbert flavours. As Albanese gummies are so soft they are very easy to eat, but some of their shapes are quite large in size. Albanese gummies are available and priced from $0.25 for a fun-sized bag to a 1 oz case for $50.00.  The colours available are pink, green, red, blue, orange, purple, white, as well as rainbow and varying colour combinations. 

8. Hoosier Hill Farm

Hoosier Hill Farm offers an irresistibly sweet chocolate-covered gummy bear to make your favourite candy treat extra special. Hoosier Hill Farm’s candy type is a chocolate-covered gummy bear that is incredibly soft and simple to eat. Each bag contains a mixture of gummy bear flavours including strawberry, orange, apple, pineapple, lemon, and cherry.  They are slightly larger than your average gummy bear due to the extra chocolate coating. They are available on the Hoosier Hill Farm website for $14.99 for 1lb. The colours these gummy bears arrive in are all chocolate brown over the colourful gummy bears. While gummy bears do have some health benefits, adding chocolate to them makes them a luxury snack. However, they would be suitable to have as an extra sugar boost post-workout but not for everyday use. 

9. Great Value

Great Value (Walmart) offers a classic gummy bear to enjoy with all of the family, they are even gluten-free and only 100 calories. Great Values candy type is a gummy bear that is available in mixed fruit flavours. Each gummy bear is soft with a lovely chewy texture, they are the size of an average gummy bear. Great Value prices their gummy bears at $4.88 for a 52oz bag and they come in a selection of colours including green, red, orange, white and yellow. 

10. Haribo

Haribo offers the original and classic gummi bear, the golden bears which are a household favourite with no artificial flavours or colours. The candy type is a fruity gummy bear made with gelatine made in a selection of flavours. The Haribo flavours are strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon and pineapple. They are easy to eat and small in size. You can buy Haribo gummy bears on Amazon in a pack of 2 for just £3.95. They have a wide variety of colours in each pack including green, red, white, yellow and orange. These gummy bears are perfect as a postworkout sugar pick me up, or to help you strengthen your hair and nails. 

11. Sour Patch

Sour Patch Kidz has created a gummy selection which fun and beloved by all chewy candy and they turn every day into a party. Sour Patch’s candy type is a gummy person. Their flavour options are redberry, blue raspberry, pink strawberry, lemon, orange, lime, grape and white pineapple. They are soft and easy to eat but fairly large in size. Sour Patch kids are priced at $2.78 and available from Walmart. These gummies are available in a variety of colours including green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. 

12. Luxury Gourmet Sweets

Luxury Gourmet Sweets offers high-quality custom snacks for your minibar. Their candy types are gummy bears, gummy icecreams, gummy strawberries, jelly beans, gummy fish and many more. Luxury Gourmet Sweets offers a wide range of flavours including an assortment of fruit gummy bears, blue raspberry, champagne gummy bears, sour melon, tropical and more. These gummies are fairly chewy making them slightly difficult to eat. They are all medium in size. Luxury Gourmet Sweets requires you to enquire about custom prices. Their colour options include pink, green, red, blue, orange, white and multi-coloured. 

13. Land Of The Gummies

Land Of The Gummies focuses on superior products through their taste, ingredients quality, and visual appeal making their gummies available in a vast range of colours and shapes. Land Of The Gummies Candy type gummy bears, gummy rings, gummy fruit, watermelons, gummy crocodile and gummy penguins. They are all very soft making them enjoyable to eat. Land of The Gummies candies ranges from medium to large in size. To buy them at retail price they start from $3.99. They are available in a wide range of colour options including red, green, orange, white, blue and pink. 

14. Sanders

Sanders have created a delightful chocolate-covered gummy bear that is free from high fructose corn syrup with no artificial sweeteners. Sanders candy type is a chocolate-covered gummy bear. The flavour options are mixed fruit gummies covered with chocolate. They are easy to eat as they are soft. Sanders chocolate-covered gummy bears are medium in size, slightly larger than your standard gummy bear. Sanders gummies are priced at $6.49 for a 7oz bag. The colour options are brown as the gummies are covered in chocolate but under the chocolate, you can find blue, red, green, yellow and orange gummy bears. 

15. Happy Yummies Worlds Best Tasting Gourmet Gummy Bears

Happy Yummies have created the world’s best tasting gourmet gummies in an assortment of 21 flavours of candies to make every moment a special occasion. Their candy type is a gummy bear in a range of shapes and sizes. Happy Yummies have a vast range of flavour options including sparkling grape juice, pina colada, tangerine, green apple, rainbow flavours, bubble gum, raspberry sorbet, champagne, milkshake, peach, blueberry, kiwi lime, banana taffy, and a mystery flavour. These gummy bears are very nice to eat and have a great texture. They are all available in different shapes but generally are medium in size. Happy Yummies are priced at $27.50 for 3 packs through their website. You can choose from pink, yellow, blue, white, green, yellow, orange, purple and even a rainbow gummy bear. 

Why These Brands are Considered to be the Best Brands?

These brands are considered to be the best because of their variety, health benefits and luxury experience. Here are the reasons these brands are the best gummy bear brands: 

  • Brands such as Happy Yummies, Land Of The Gummies, and Luxury Gourmet Sweets are some of the top 15 brands because of their extensive variety of shapes and flavours. 
  • Brands such as ZenBears are considered the best because of their flavour, luxury feel and CBD content which gives them a calming effect. 
  • Brands such as YumEarth, SmartSweets and Black Forest are some of the best brands because they have made exceptional gummies that are also healthy or organic. These make them a better option for many people with dietary requirements without settling for less flavour or quality. 

What Makes Those Brands Unique?

What makes these brands unique compared to others is to do with their popularity, their ingredients and their variety of flavours and shapes. The unique side of Haribo and Sour Patch is they are household names and have nostalgic references to them, loved by both adults and children. While SmartSweets, Yum Earth and Black Forset provide a healthy but they don’t compromise the flavour. SmartSweets are sugar-free but still sweet. Yum Earth has natural flavourings from real fruit. Black Forset offer organic options for their candies. Albanese, Hoosier Hill Farm, and Sanders all offer a chocolate-covered gummy bear which is a niche flavour option for gummies and is very popular. 

What to Look for in the Most Tasty Gummy Bears

There are several factors to consider when looking for the tastiest gummy bears. When deciding on what gummy bears would suit you best consulting an expert review of the product before trying them yourself. These include: 

  • Flavour. Are the flavours natural or artificial. Natural flavours may be more subtle and enjoyable whereas artificial flavours offer a wider range and higher intensity. 
  • Sour. Are they sour? While this isn’t everyone’s preference, sour gummy bears add an interesting flavour spin on a traditional candy. 

What are the Healthiest Gummies?

The healthiest gummies are YumEarth as they are made with organic ingredients, GMO-free, gluten-free, with low fructose corn syrup. Black Forest and SmartSweets are also healthy options due to organic or sugar-free options. 

Do the 15 Best Gummy Bear Brands Include Vegan Gummy Bears?

Yes, the 15 gummies bear brand does include vegan gummies. The vegan, gummy bears are ZenBears CBD gummy bears. Many of the other gummy bear brands have continued with the classic use of gelatine. 

Do Those Best Brands Have Sugar-Free Versions of Gummy Bears?

Some of the best brands offer sugar-free versions such as Haribo, SmartSweet and Albanese. 

What is the Best Gummy Bear Flavor Among the Best 15 Brands?

The most preferred flavours among these brands are:

  1. Pineapple is the best flavour because of its tartness
  2. Orange is the second-best flavour because of its sweet citrus flavour. 
  3. Strawberry is the third-best flavour because everyone loves strawberries. 
  4. Apple is the fourth-best flavour because it is slightly sour and goes well with other snacks.
  5. Champagne is the fifth flavour because it is a taste of luxury but not everyone’s favourite. 
  6. Blue raspberry is the final best flavour because it is a nostalgic taste but an artificial flavour.