Is There an Age Requirement to Buy CBD Products?

CBD is a substance taken from the cannabis plant that is known for its health and therapeutic benefits. It is also known as Cannabidiol. Its advantages include protection from neurological disease and relief for pain, inflammation, depression and anxiety. It also cannot make one “high.” It comes in different products, from powder form to edible form

Age Requirements for CBD

To purchase CBD, there is an age requirement. Generally, you have to be aged 18 and older to purchase CBD. It will also depend on your location, where you will be buying CBD and what form of CBD you will be purchasing. You will have to verify that you are aged 18 in states where selling CBD is legal and online; meanwhile, to purchase CBD onsite from recreational dispensaries, you have to confirm that you are aged 21 up. In order to purchase CBD for medical use in some countries, you may have to confirm that you are of legal age and submit additional requirements such as a doctor’s prescription. 

What are the Factors that Affect Age Requirements of CBD?

The factors that affect the age requirements for CBD are where you live, the form of CBD you will be purchasing and the store where you will be getting your CBD.

1. Where You Live

2. Form of CBD

3. Store

1. Location

Location can affect the requirements for CBD sales. It usually depends on the state laws and regulations if you can buy CBD. In some locations such as California, the age limit for CBD purchases has been set to 21. Other states and countries have set the age requirement for CBD purchase and usage to be 18. In the UK, selling CBD produced outside of the UK is allowed, as long as there is no THC or CBN in the product. 

2. Form of CBD

Forms of CBD also is a factor in the age restriction and regulation of CBD purchase. Some products can be considered fine for minors, while some CBD products are better and more suitable for adults to consume. According to the US FDA, CBD creams, CBD oil and CBD gummies are legal and perfectly fine for minors to purchase and ingest while CBD vapes require you to be aged 18 above before purchasing them, as vapes are inhalable and can have deadly effects. CBD creams are considered fine for minors because their CBD content cannot be absorbed beyond the topmost layer of the skin and it does not enter the bloodstream.

3. Store

Where you purchase your CBD is important, too, as both online and onsite stores usually verify your age before checking. In the UK, a doctor’s prescription is also required aside from being of legal age, in order to purchase CBD for medicinal purposes. If you will purchase your CBD from a dispensary, you will need to verify that you are aged 21+. The rationale for these rules is to ensure the safety and quality of CBD for those who will be using them.

What are the Laws and Regulations about Age Limitations of CBD?

The laws and regulations about CBD age restrictions vary from state and country. 

In the UK, CBD is sold as a food supplement and cosmetic. It is not used for therapeutic purposes. Both CBN and THC are considered illegal in the UK, with the former being considered a controlled substance. THC’s maximum legal amount is 1 mg per container. CBD can be prescribed legally in the UK, in special cases. UK’s Misuse of Drugs Act classifies hemp, cannabis and marijuana altogether. Cannabis oil in the UK contains THC, thus making it illegal. It is also not classified as CBD oil. The CBD market in the UK is still growing and is considered an unregulated market. Due to this, third-party testing laboratory results are valuable and need to be accessible for potential customers to evaluate. 

Based on the Buscher Law, there is no official federal legal age since CBD laws vary from state to state in the US. The regulations about the age limitations of CBD, the FDA states in its Smart Regulation of Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds, specifically cannabidiol (CBD) statement, minors can purchase and ingest topical CBD products and edibles and only legal adults (those who are 18+) can purchase inhalable CBD products like CBD vapes. 

Plenty of CBD vendors practice self-regulation and usually ask for verification of age before a CBD purchase is made. 

Do You Have to be 18 to Buy CBD?

Yes, generally, you have to be aged 18 or above to buy CBD. Due to the Buscher Law, there is no official federal legal age because the age limitations vary depending on state rules and regulations regarding CBD. CBD edibles and topical products are easy to buy, but you have to be aged 21+ to buy inhalable CBD products like vapes. 

Can you Buy CBD Online Legally?

Yes, generally you can CBD online legally if you are aged 18 but in some cases due to state laws, you need to be aged 21 above to purchase CBD. This will also depend on the type of CBD you are buying and the brand you are buying from. You need to be considered a legal adult (aged 18+ or 21+, depending on the state) to buy a CBD product that is usually inhaled. 

Reputable CBD production brands practice self-regulation by posting third-party laboratory testing reports on their sites and will ask you to verify if you are a legal adult before your purchase is finalized. If third-party laboratory testing reports are not available on their site, then it is best to steer clear. You can purchase CBD from the official websites of CBD production companies and online retailing platforms such as the ZenBears official website, eBay and Amazon. 

Is There an Age Restriction for Usage of CBD?

Yes, there is an age restriction for the usage of CBD, depending on the type of CBD product. Minors can use CBD topicals (creams and lotions and patches) and ingest CBD edibles (oil, gummy bears) while you are required to be aged 21+ to buy CBD vapes and other inhalable CBD products. 

Can Kids Take CBD?

Yes, kids can take CBD. According to the FDA, kids can take CBD as long as they are in the form of topical CBD products (cream, lotion, patches) and CBD edibles (gummy bears, candy, oil). On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that CBD is usually “well-tolerated with a good safety profile.” The FDA has approved one CBD product for children, and it is Epidiolex, a treatment for seizures. 

CBD benefits children through pain relief, addressing sleep disorders, aiding severe stress, anxiety, depression and helping with ADD, ADHD and other behavioural and mood disorders. If you are interested in giving CBD to your children, we highly recommend consulting a doctor, maintaining caution in CBD usage and should the time come, purchasing from reputable CBD companies who provide third-party testing or COA (certificate of analysis) on their websites. 

What are the Best CBD Products for Kids?

The best CBD products for kids are:

  • ZenBears Gummy Bears – ZenBears Gummy Bears are great for your kids because it is THC-free, vegan and a quality brand. Tasty and well-produced, ZenBears Gummy Bears have a higher CBD content than most CBD gummy products on the market. The ZenBears Gummy Bears have 20mg of CBD per gummy bear piece.  
  • Joy Organics CBD Gummies – Joy Organics is an established CBD company known for its wide variety of high-quality CBD products. Joy Organics CBD Gummies are lab-tested and come in two flavours: Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple. Joy Organics CBD Gummies also retails both full-spectrum CBD oil and pure CBD oil without any THC content. 
  • NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil – NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil can be taken on its own and added to food and drinks. It is made with organic hemp and offers both good customer service and free shipping.